CBD for animals

For several decades, the benefits of taking cannabidiol, called CBD, have been widely known. Regularly dosed, it helps in the fight against muscle pain, allows you to reduce the level of stress, reduce symptoms of depression, and also improves the quality of sleep, proving helpful for people suffering from insomnia. In addition, CBD has been …

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CBD vaporization

CBD vaporization – what are the benefits? Vaporizing CBD herbs using modern devices is definitely a healthier alternative to traditional smoking. Years of research into the harmful effects of smoking have come up with a clear answer. Tar in smoke contributes to the formation and development of neoplasms. Smoking is not only a pleasure that …

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CBD and depression

CBD and depression CBD and current antidepressants Treatment of mental illnesses usually takes place in two ways. The patient undergoes psychotherapy and also takes medications. He is most often prescribed antidepressants, the so-called antidepressants. However, there is more and more talk about the positive effects of CBD on the body in the course of diseases …

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THC microdosing

THC microdosing   The principle of microdosing has long been associated with hallucinogens, especially LSD. Today, however, more and more experts are promoting the thesis that also in the case of THC, less is more. The latest research confirms that we achieve medical benefits with rather small doses. Let’s take a look at what exactly …

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Vaporization- why is it worth it? Thanks to many studies, we have known for years that vaporization has many positive effects. However, it is worth taking a closer look at all the values ​​coming from vaporization. Inhalation is the most effective way to ingest cannabinoids. You can feel its effects after just a few minutes. …

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CBD dosing

CBD dosing – how to dose CBD hemp oil? Appropriate dosage of CBD will allow us to achieve the desired effects, including relaxing, therapeutic, supporting the body’s immunity and improving sleep. CBD, or cannabidiol contained in hemp plants, is a substance that has an extremely beneficial effect on the functioning of the human body. It …

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CBD and sport

CBD and sport- how hemp oils affect the effectiveness of training? It is common for athletes, both professional and amateur, to seek healthy, natural aids in daily exercise and building fitness. Currently, hemp oils are becoming more and more popular, guaranteeing a wide range of benefits. Since 2018, the WADA (World anti-doping agency) organization has …

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