Benefits of Cannabis vaporizer

We have known for years that vaporization has many positive aspects. However, it is worth taking a closer look at all the values.

Inhalation is still the most effective way to take cannabinoids. The effects can be felt in just a few minutes. However, vaporization may be a better method for users looking for the fastest solution. With traditional smoking, we produce a lot of tar and we can not always extract from the dried substances that we care about most when relieving pain. Let’s look at the basic differences between these methods.

Lower temperatures

The basic difference between vaporization and traditional smoking are the temperature differences we use. In most vaporizers we can control the temperature and the most effective is between 165-187 ° C. Some vaporizers give us the opportunity to heat the dried herbs to over 229 ° C, which causes the ignition of dried herbs just like in traditional smoking. We want to avoid this. The goal is only to heat the dried material to the point where it is able to release the substances we care about, without setting it on fire.

Higher cannabinoid efficiency

An interesting fact is that during traditional smoking 50% of cannabines are immediately destroyed during ignition. We lose another 15-20% by simply burning the smoke. Naturally, everyone wants to use dried herbs as efficiently as possible, which is why this is one of the most important reasons why many users have started using vaporizers more and more often.

Less potential carcinogens.

Another important difference between vaporization and smoking is a significant reduction in the carcinogens that arise from normal smoking. During ignition, substances such as benzene, naphthalene and toluene are formed, which we avoid during vaporization. Benzene is formed during combustion processes. In high concentrations it is harmful to the reproductive system. Naphthalene is a potential carcinogen. It destroys red blood cells that carry oxygen. May lead to organ damage. Tuluen is a benzene derivative. Too high a concentration of this compound has a negative effect on the central nervous system. It causes headaches, nausea, fatigue and drowsiness! Inhaled toluene may also cause irritation to the eyes and upper respiratory tract.

Different flavors

Hemp plants obtain their unique taste and aroma thanks to molecules called terpenes. Terpenes determine not only the flavors, but also the effects of different varieties of cannabis. Different terpenes have different boiling points. This means that some flavors and aromas are more susceptible to expression when heated to low temperatures in a vaporizer. Thanks to this, during vaporization we can enjoy better cannabis taste experiences.


Naturally, thanks to the ability to adjust the temperature in the vaporizer, we can increase the efficiency and experience of using hemp. Some users care more about delicate steam and strong smell, while others prefer to enjoy in strong and dense clouds. Here is a small temperature adjustment guide:

From 143 to 166 ° C – Mild and aromatic

From 166 to 187 ° C – Moderate and easy to control

From 187 to 229 ° C – More intense and dense steam

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