Convection, conduction and hybrid vaporizers – what’s the difference?


Do you want to replace traditional smoking with vaporization? Good decision. It remains to choose a device with which you will be able to produce aromatic steam for inhalation. Before you get to specific brands and models, you have to make your first big decision: convection, conduction or hybrid? Sounds complicated? Calmly. We’re already in a hurry with an explanation.

When you smoke traditionally, you inhale cigarette smoke, which is formed in the process of burning dried herbs – along with lots of harmful tar, etc. Vaporization gives you access to clean, aromatic steam. The question, however, how does it arise?

Modern vaporizers work based on two methods: conduction and convection.

Conduction vaporizers

The convective method is the older one, which does not mean that it is worse. What does it consist of? In conduction devices, the drought is heated by direct contact with the heat source, i.e. the walls of the heating chamber of the device. In effect:

  • Steam is generated very quickly and is produced abundantly from the very first inhalation – so you don’t have to wait for the vaporizer to ‘spin’,
  • The vaporizer consumes little energy – that’s why most portable models are based on conduction.

But beware! When choosing a conduction model, you must take into account that:

  • the steam will have a relatively mild and delicate taste – it will not be as aromatic as that generated by a convection device,
  • You will achieve the best results when you burn all the drought in one session – it is constantly heated, so long pauses in inhalation may end up with the loss of some material,
  • It requires full drying – the more tight, the more efficient heat distribution.

Convection vaporizers

In them, the drought has no direct contact with the heater, and is heated with hot air. The advantages of this solution are:

  • Maximum aromatic steam – its taste will be more dimensional and “fuller”,
  • Short warm-up time – only during inhalation, which means that you can take long breaks between successive breaths, and the drought will not be wasted.

However, it is worth remembering that convection, due to the higher level of technical sophistication, is also a more demanding technology. Therefore, portable convection vaporizers can discharge faster, and the devices themselves will require a higher investment. It should also be borne in mind that many convection models need more time to produce dense, intense steam at the beginning of operation.

Hybrid, i.e. a mix of both solutions

There are more and more hybrid vaporizers on the market, i.e. those that use the advantages of both methods described above. The mix of convection and conduction means that the dried material is heated in them directly and using hot air. Most often it is pre-heated by the walls of the device (conductive), and then reaches the maximum temperature using convection. That’s how you manage to keep the balance between the speed of creating a large cloud with the maximum aroma of steam. The proportions in which both technologies are used in hybrids are different and depend on the chosen device.

Do you already know which vaporizer to choose: conduction, convection or hybrid? It’s a matter of your individual preferences. Therefore, before buying, think about what you care about the most:

  • on a large amount of steam from the first breath, long battery life and good price? (Conduction)
  • on maximum dried aroma? (convection),
  • on the balance between the quantity and quality of steam and satisfactory battery life? (hybrid).

If you have doubts, you can go ahead and ask our consultants – we will help you choose the technology that meets your expectations.



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