COVID-19 and Cannabis

Fear and stress are especially present in our lives these days mostly because of social isolation and quarantine. So naturally, we turn to cannabis, which is known for its beneficial properties on the nervous system. However, is smoking dried form of cannabis during the era of COVID-19 considered as a good idea?

Reduction of inflammation

Cannabinoids are very successful in reducing inflammation in our bodies. CBD has antiviral and antibacterial properties. In connection with a properly selected diet and regular sleeping time, this will have only a positive effect on our immune system. It is worth to remember that inflammation can be caused also by chronic disease. Using CBD products can relieve the symptoms of diabetes, headache, back pain and other diseases.

Remember! If you are taking prescription drugs, especially antidepressants – consult your doctor about choosing the right doses of cannabinoids.


So, if cannabinoids have such beneficial effects on our body’s health, therefore can they prevent or even cure us of COVID-19? This question is quite often asked on social media platforms, especially American ones. There are no studies yet to confirm how CBD affects COVID-19. Statements about COVID-19 treatment with products that contain cannabinoids are not true.

How to use cannabis consciously?

Which does not mean that cannabinoids cannot support you during this difficult period. They relieve stress and fear, and also strengthen immunity. However, is the inhalation of CBD a good idea?

Tar is formed during smoking, it is toxic, carcinogenic and adversely affects your respiratory system. The cough that may occur while smoking is also disturbing. As a result of it, COVID-19 pathogens can disperse, and we all want to avoid it. On the other hand, during vaporization, Cannabis is not burnt. Thanks to this, the herbs release only cannabinoids without harmful substance. It’s a healthier alternative to traditional smoking.

Nevertheless, every substance that we inhale, affects our respiratory system. Therefore, you should approach the matter consciously and reasonably:

  • before and after vaporization session wash your hands,
  • switch to micro-dosing, which allows you to control your breathing and avoid an unnecessary attack of coughing,
  • do not plan sessions in the larger groups.

Cannabis will strengthen your immune system and lower pain or chronic diseases’ symptoms. They are also helpful in fear and stress level reduction. Meanwhile, think about switching from smoking to vaporizing, your body will definitely feel the difference!

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