First steps with DynaVap

You have your first DynaVap vaporizer and don’t know how to use it? Relax, we have prepared a short manual.

Before first use, do at least two sessions with nothing in the VapCap. This is very important to familiarize yourself with the operation of the device and to prevent unintentional heating residues.

Choose your favorite herbs and fill the vaporizer chamber, then cover it. We recommend grinding the herbs, then the dry area will be larger, which means you can get more steam. However, grinding is optional, DynaVap should also be able to handle unground herbs. Remember that a too finely ground herbs could get through the filter to the sensitive parts of the vaporizer and therefore will require more frequent cleaning.

The VapCap prepared in this way is ready for heating up. If you’re a beginner try triple flame lighter. Once you’re ready, try a single flame – which allows you to get the flavor for longer. As you heat up, turn on the machine slowly. The intensity of the steam depends on the place being heated. If you point the flame closer to the mouthpiece you will get a higher temperature. When DynaVap is ready, you will hear a distinctive double click. After these clicks you can heat the device for up to 3 seconds. Overheating your VapCap can cause permanent damage, so be careful.

If you notice that The Cap is too lax, just squeeze it. In VapCap 2020 this problem has been solved by using The Captive Cap. It holds much better and at the same time allows free movements. It is made of stainless steel and provides an equal flow of air. Importantly, The Captive Cap fits not only to DynaVap 2020, but also to earlier versions.

Now you can start the vaporization ritual.

While pulling in, try to cover the air vent slightly. With DynaVap you can adjust the airflow, try what works best for you. The VapCap tip gets very hot, do not touch it under any circumstances.

If you click DynaVap again, the temperature has fallen. You can reheat the herbs or finish the vaporization.

Remember to clean the device properly after each vaporization session. Blow out any remaining dried matter. More stubborn pieces can be cleaned with the tip of the vaporizer. You can also clean the vaporizer with hot water.

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