We refute myths about CBD and medical marijuana

Because of the addictive properties of marijuana, many people associate cannabis unambiguously. Lack of knowledge in the field of chemistry and biology and treating cannabis as a taboo led to the creation of many harmful myths about them. Since we already have basic knowledge, we can try to deal with the most popular and harmful myths about the effects of CBD products.

1. CBD oils are medicines

In Poland, CBD oils are dietary supplements not medicines! This is one of the more harmful myths that circulate on the Polish Internet. CBD oil does not cure cancer, it can support conventional treatment methods. Certainly, many patients relieve symptoms and pain, but they certainly won’t cure you of a serious illness.

2. CBD oils are the same as medical marijuana

Hemp oils that can also be bought online now are not medical marijuana. The main difference is that CBD oils are obtained from another plant. Marijuana is made from female unpolluted cannabis inflorescences. What’s more, medical marijuana is significantly different from “traditional”. These are specific plants whose cultivation is fortified with dozens of studies, regulations and legal procedures. So these are two different products and let’s not convince you that when you buy oil online you can buy medical marijuana. It is available only in pharmacies, the preparations are prepared from recipes by a pharmacist and issued on prescription.

3. CBD products are drugs

Hemp, despite the fact that it is known and widely used throughout human history is notorious. All thanks to smoking cannabis, which is marijuana which is addictive and has a strong intoxicating effect. In the case of cannabidiol or CBD, there is no such action. It is obtained from a completely different plant – cannabis inflorescences. The THC content in this variety is less than 0.2 percent, while in cannabis the concentration of this intoxicating substance is as much as 30 percent. The difference is fundamental – CBD is a substance from the same ‘family’, in addition to pro-health and relaxing effects, it also neutralizes the intoxicating effects of THC.

4. CBD is a drug – THC a dangerous drug

As we already know, research is still being carried out on the effects of these two substances on human health. We also know that they interact with each other and perhaps this coexistence is the potential strength of cannabinoids. THC administered in controlled concentrations in the company of other cannabinoids and terpenes alleviates the symptoms of many ailments.

5. CBD is not psychoactive

Psychoactivity is often confused with intoxicating effects, this is a mistake. If in the case of patients with mood disorders or depression a clear improvement in mood can be seen after the administration of an appropriately selected dose of CBD, CBD cannot be defined as a clearly non-psychoactive substance.

6. CBD acts as a sedative

Cannabidiol improves the functioning of the nervous system by naturally regulating its work, and thus helps restore normal sleep patterns. The substance itself can cause light euphoric states, which in biphasic action causes drowsiness. CBD does not calm down, but regulates the body’s natural life processes, including sleep.

7. CBD transforms into THC in the human stomach

As we already know, CBD neutralizes tetrahydrocannabinol, they are two different substances. CBD does not metabolize to THC, as confirmed by the World Health Organization (WHO) in a 2017 report, it reads: “Simulated gastric fluid does not accurately reflect physiological conditions in the stomach. CBD with delta-9-THC has not been detected in humans undergoing CBD treatment. “

8. The higher the dose, the more effective the action

Determining the CBD dose is an individual matter – whether taken as a supplement or as a supportive therapy in serious conditions. In the second case, consult a specialist. You should also take into account the difference between the isolate – i.e. pure CBD, and oils that contain all the cannabinoids produced by the plant. In the latter case, the spectrum of activity is much wider, so the dose may be less than for isolates.

9. Isolates work more effectively than dried oils or oils

Dried hemp from the flower or oils obtained from it allow us to obtain the best from the plant. CBD is not the only cannabinoid that has a known and positive effect on the human body. The cannabis flower is more than a hundred compounds that through their cooperation have a positive effect on our body. The claim that only CBD has medical and therapeutic properties is an obvious mistake.

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