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The compact and discreet Arizer Go will satisfy all lovers of mobile plant-dried inhalation. A hybrid heating system that uses both conduction and convection, making it unbeatably efficient. ArGo Vaporizer is a small device which offers you excellent quality of produced steam with the properties you need.

Bet on high quality

Arizer Go is an extremely efficient mechanism hidden in a very small case. It is the smallest vaporizer from a Canadian portable device manufacturer, Arizer Tech.

The combination of conductive and convective heating gives amazing results in the form of quick heating of the cartridge, resulting in very good quality steam. The vapor path is entirely glass, which ensures crystal clear taste of your favorite herbs. The chamber holds about 0.15 grams of dryness, but the maximum efficiency of the device will allow for satisfactory results of inhalation with this small amount of cartridge. For the user this means an additional benefit in the form of savings.

Customized to your needs

ArGo Vaporizer offers a temperature setting with an accuracy of one degree Celsius from the device. You can do it quickly, using the buttons located on the body. Thanks to this solution, every lover of herbal inhalation can adjust the heating temperature to individual preferences. ArGo manufacturer does not impose automatic modes of operation giving us full freedom of choice.

Also the way of powering the device is left to choose. Battery type 18650 with a capacity of 3000 mAh after discharging can be quickly replaced with a new one. The set also includes a charger consisting of a USB cable and a wall adapter. So you can charge the vaporizer at home before leaving, and when the battery runs out, connect it to the powerbank. An unquestionable advantage of ArGo is the fact that you can also use it while charging the battery.

Another advantage of this device is the individual setting of idleness time, after which it will switch off automatically and the possibility to set the volume of sound notifications from the vaporizer.

Handy and discreet

The Rizer Go’s universal and unobtrusive black color is designed to hide perfectly in your hand. The glass mouthpiece is hidden inside the device, making it even more discreet. The upper part of the housing is movable, so you won’t damage it during transport or storage. ArGo manufacturer focused on making the device as inconspicuous as possible. It is very aesthetically pleasing, certainly not eye-catching, but that’s the point. Additionally, in the set with ArGo Vaporizer you receive a handy belt case, so you do not risk losing it and always have it with you.

Benefits of using ArGo

Arizer Go vaporizer was created for active fans of herbal inhalation. Its small size allows you to take it with you everywhere, and its minimalist form and well-thought-out design solutions guarantee you full discretion. It is certainly distinguished by its enormous efficiency, which makes it one of the most economical vaporizers available on the market today. Thanks to ArGo you can enjoy strongly saturated active substance vapor wherever you want, without harmful and smelly smoke. Vaporizer ArGo offers you the best of herbs in the form of a pleasant steam with an extremely intense and rich taste.


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