Mighty + 15g dried hemp + grinder

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Vaporizer Mighty is a product of STORZ & BICKEL company, unquestionable pioneers on the vaporization market. It is the company which produced the cult Volcano vaporizer. Its efficiency and excellent quality of the produced steam has now been placed in a portable Mighty. Its small size and very easy operation will certainly appeal to lovers of herbal inhalation or liquid vaporization. German quality Vaporizer Mighty was designed and manufactured in Germany. Both the device and accessories as well as its interior have been made with great attention to detail. The vaporizer emits large amounts of pleasant and tasty steam, which passes smoothly through the respiratory system without irritating it. You can enjoy a relaxing inhalation wherever and as you like with the Mighty Vaporizer. The patented technology used in the manufacture of this device guarantees safe use and a long life. Hybrid heating system Mighty stands out from the competition with its hybrid heating system, which combines convection heating with conduction. Thanks to this solution, the heating of the device is instantaneous. In just a few seconds the Mighty is ready to work and you can indulge in the pleasure of inhaling your favourite herbs. You can control the heating temperature yourself using the buttons. The one-step adjustment allows you to precisely adjust the warm-up intensity of the material you choose. You can choose between the temperature in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit. The mighty power of a small vaporizer The Mighty works on a powerful lithium-ion battery – its life span at full charge is about two hours. The vaporizer is equipped with a clever sensor to save batteries. Its task is to switch off the device when not in use. All necessary parameters such as temperature or battery charge status are shown on a modern LED display. Mighty informs us that the cartridge has been heated to the desired temperature through a vibration alarm. This is a practical and discreet solution. A small vaporizer must be very handy. The Mighty has been designed to lie well in your hand. The streamlined shape and small size make the vaporizer unobtrusive. It is very solidly constructed, the body made of high quality plastic ensures durability. With the Mighty vaporizer you get a set of accessories and auxiliary equipment: Liquid Pad, useful grinder, chamber filler and stainless steel strainer, spare gaskets and a brush to keep the device clean. Benefits of the vaporizer As you know, vaporization is fundamentally different from traditional smoking. When we burn tobacco or other dried plants, hundreds of substances are produced, which we take by the way, and which have a fatal effect on our health. The process of vaporization is free from the harmful products of combustion and inhalation of suffocating smoke. Buying a Mighty Vaporizer is an investment in your health and well-being. The pleasure of cough-free inhalation and annoying toxic smoke. Bet on German quality from STORZ & BICKEL.

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