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The revolutionary Puffco Peak vaporizer for heating concentrates will give you a premium experience. Equipped with a built-in water filter, ceramic nail and intelligent heating temperature calibration, the Puffco Peak vaporizer is unique. Whether you’re a beginner or a connoisseur of vaporization is not the least of the issues. The device is user-friendly.

Quality at the highest level

Puffco Peak always offers an unforgettable experience, it fits your favourite vaporization style. Thanks to the use of modern technologies you will get vaporizer with a very intense taste and aroma. Always properly cooled with a water filter.

The small but extremely designer device consists of a base made of high-quality silicone. This makes it more stable and durable. The ceramic bowl is easy to remove and clean. You place the concentrate conveniently before the device is warmed up, which is an additional advantage. The use of hand-blown borosilicate glass, which is resistant to changes in temperature and heating, has resulted in the effect of clean and full of original taste steam.

The device allows for four individual temperature sets. It offers optimal settings, which you can adjust to your preferences and situation in which you use vaporization. For lovers of long sessions there is a Sesh mode with 20 seconds warm-up time. The Smartware mode is an intelligent adjustment of the warm-up time when the bowl is still hot and the device is to be used repeatedly.

Intuitive operation

Vaporizer Puffco Peak is powered by a battery that can be recharged both via USB and from the socket. The charging process takes 2 hours. When the battery is fully charged, the device offers heating up thirty portions of concentrates. The battery charge status is checked by pressing the button three times – a discrete LED backlight bar with the appropriate color shows us how much the battery is charged. A single press of the button is enough to set one of the four levels of heating temperature. The colours of the LED bar show us the temperature level: blue is LOW, green is MEDIUM, red is HIGH, while white light informs that the device heats in PEAK mode. When the vaporizer is ready it gives a light and vibration sign.

Extensive equipment and manufacturer support

When you buy Puffco Peak you choose the highest quality available on the market. Using the vaporizer according to the manufacturer’s instructions guarantees long-lasting satisfaction and a lifetime of many years. The manufacturer’s warranty covers electronic components and lasts for one year. The set with Puffco Peak vaporizer includes: cleaning sticks, ceramic nail, dabber, quartz Carb Cap and charger. All this is packed in an elegant and very discreet case, in which the whole will always be properly stored and safe to transport.

Amazing experience with Puffco Peak

Immerse yourself in a world of relaxing and pleasant experiences whenever you want. Vaporizer Puffco Peak is a strong and rich in active substances vapor. Large clouds of silky steam, always at the ideal temperature, are maximum experience and long-term satisfaction. Gentle for the respiratory tract and at the same time intensive in action vapor from concentrates will satisfy lovers of herbal inhalation.


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