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VapCap M 2019

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Completely new and strongly improved version of manuled vaporizer for heating of herbal dehydrated VapCap M 2019. Changes in the shape and operation of the device positively affect the quality of your inhalation experience with your favourite herbal dehydrated product.

This small and very elegant device produces dense and silky steam. Moisture rich in active substances will provide you with an extremely satisfying inhalation experience. It is extremely efficient and economical – 0.1 g of herbal dryer is not much, but the effect obtained with this amount of DynaVap M 2019 will surely surprise you positively. The device is discreet and, thanks to the use of medical stainless steel, practically indestructible. It lies perfectly in your hand and is extremely easy to use.

What’s new with the 2019 version?

The Dynavap VapCap M 2019 is the successor to a device that has conquered markets around the world by storm. Loved by connoisseurs and beginners, the vaporizer is now even more efficient and easy to use. The first and basic change is a completely new heating chamber. The double helix has been replaced by a winding groove – thanks to this solution, the air is heated much more efficiently, which allows for a convection effect.

The steel tip has been given notches on the top, which makes it even easier to place the right amount of dryness in the chamber. The legendary performance of the VapCap M hasn’t changed – just 0.1 gram of dryer is enough to achieve a satisfying effect. You don’t have to fill the entire chamber, the loosely placed half of the load will be heated by the machine with the same quality and performance. The mechanism which is responsible for letting additional air into the heating chamber has also been improved. Deeper notches have been used, which makes the device much easier to handle. The opening is easier to locate and you can cover it at any time with your finger or expose it, thus adjusting the amount of air used to cool the lime to the level of your individual taste.

The dryer is heated by means of an incandescent lighter, turning the vaporizer in your hands. Please note that the lower you heat the tip with the lighter, the higher the temperature you get. When the drought is ready for vaporization, the device will notify us with two clicks. Then we enlarge several times and wait for a signal that the tip is properly cooled, which is very important to maintain the quality of the vaporizer. The model from 2019 was designed in such a way that it is even more comfortable to rotate it in your fingers while maintaining appropriate stability. The new texture on the housing makes it much easier for beginners who have not yet mastered their own technique.

Performance hidden in a stunning form

What’s striking at first glance is an amazing, completely new design. The stainless steel medical form and small size remain unchanged, but the appearance of VapCapa M 2019 will definitely satisfy the aesthetics. A beautiful line is not everything – what counts is the effect, and this cannot be denied to the Dynavap VapCap M 2019 vaporizer. The design of the VapCap M 2019 was primarily concerned with your comfort and safety – the shape of the vaporizer is designed to make handling easier and protect your hands from burns. The clouds of properly cooled vapour produced by it are extremely pleasant to inhale. The vaporizer has no electronic components, so we do not risk failure and the steam is crystal clear and aromatic.

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