DynaVap Vong 2021

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Time for innovation – Vong 2021
DynaVap decided to refresh its basic model dedicated to water filtration, and of course, we are talking about HydraVong. The new version of Vong 2021 is a kind of GameChanger. The vaporizer is now made of high-quality wood and titanium, which makes it heats up and cools down faster during vaporization. Our breaks between sessions may be much shorter. The previous cut was made on the wooden part of the vaporizer, while in the model from 2021, the mouthpiece, which fits perfectly with the water adapters with a cut of 14 and 10 mm, is now placed on the titanium tip that serves as the mouthpiece.
What’s new in The Vong?
A huge change to the last model is its shape and size. Its compatibility makes it even easier for us to heat it by turning it in the hand. The shape of DynaVap Vong 21 is now closer to the cylinder cut on both sides, making it easier for us to grip. On one side there is airflow, thanks to which we can control the dosing of air during the inhalation session. It is slightly larger than in the previous model, but it is located in a much more advantageous place. It is especially important during inhalation with a water adapter – bong.
Microdosing is now standard.
The Vong vaporizer, as well as other devices from the American company DynaVap, are perfect if you think about microdosing, because with just 0.05 grams of your favorite herb you can get a stunning effect. Another huge change, not when it comes to the vaporizer itself, but what HydraVong comes with, is the packaging. Some of you may remember the previous packaging in which we received our vaporizer. It was an ordinary green plastic tube. DynaVap is trying to go in a more ecological direction, which is why this great-looking and practical case is made entirely of wood.
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