DynaKit: Basic

DynaKit Basic is ideal for users who need spare parts for their DynaVap devices. Two types of O-rings and screens provide security in the event of loss or cracking. The thick mouthpiece allows the use of any type of VapCaps in water pipes, which results in double filtration – water and a vaporizer. DynaWax is used to lubricate O-rings and also as an excellent wood conditioner. Condenser cotton wipers for easy cleaning of deposits. Two types of storage tubes are added to the set for free.

The kit includes:

  • 3x o-rings for the capacitor
  • 5x heat-resistant O-rings
  • 3x stainless steel screens
  • Thick mouthpiece
  • DynaWax
  • 5x cotton wipers hard hair
  • 2x free tubes

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