Start your Cannabis Store with Flowrolls

Since 2015, we’ve been supplying the highest quality Cannabis products to customers around the world. We specialize in CBD products and herbal vaporizers, which are used for medical purposes by patients and doctors.
In our stores, visitors can get professional advice and try vaporization of a wide range of legal CBD hemp. Our greatest priority is to create a place and atmosphere in which everyone feels comfortable and free.
Our mission is to build social awareness. That is why we decided on the franchise model. Contact us if you are interested in sharing this journey with us.


Regular training, assistance in employee recruitment and our know-how transcribed into an operating manual.


We can fully finance the establishment of the store. We do not require startup capital.


Constant marketing, legal and sales support in the store.


A fully furnished and stocked store with a wide assortment. We make sure to offer only the highest quality products.

"When looking for a franchisor, I decided on Flowrolls. Why? Their business model is to create a professional store, where you can find the highest quality products and obtain professional knowledge. The store's mission is also to be educational. It convinced me!"
Joanna Pasek
Store Franchisee in Katowice


Most frequent questions and answers
The package is PLN 35,000 net. Of which 25,000 are stocking in about 200 types of various products, and 10,000 are the preparation of the premises. (Furniture, signs, window glazing, shop counter, promotional items)
Flowrolls franchise allows you to be part of a larger chain of stores and a recognizable brand in the world of cannabis.
We aim at city centers with more than 150,000 inhabitants. The premises should be at least 25m2 and a place for a sofa. A larger venue gives us more opportunities to organize events.
After the franchisee has found a suitable premises, the process of opening a store takes about 1-2 weeks.
We can fully finance the entire store. Both the decor and products. We spread the payment into 6, 12 or 18 installments. Contact us for more information.
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