Venty and dosing capsules: Are standard S&B capsules compatible?

Key Bullet Points:

  • Venty, the new vaporizer from Storz&Bickel, is compatible with standard S&B dosing capsules.
  • Users of Volcano’s, Crafty, and Mighty can utilize their existing capsules.
  • Provides convenience and ease of use for Storz&Bickel enthusiasts.

Venty’s Advanced Design

Storz&Bickel, the pioneer in high-quality vaporizers, has once again shown their commitment to innovation and customer convenience with the release of the Venty vaporizer. It promises an upgraded experience for both new and existing customers.

Universal Compatibility

What’s noteworthy for existing users of Storz&Bickel’s products is the Venty’s compatibility with the standard dosing capsules. Those who’ve invested in the capsules for their Volcano, Crafty, or Mighty vaporizers won’t need to purchase new ones for the Venty.

Benefits of Dosing Capsules

Convenience on the Go

The dosing capsules have always been lauded for their convenience, especially for users who are on the move. Pre-filling these capsules allows for easy and mess-free vaping sessions.

Consistent Experience

Another significant advantage of the dosing capsules is the consistency they bring to the vaping experience. By using standardized measures, users are assured of a predictable and satisfying session every time.


1. Can I use my old dosing capsules from the Mighty with the new Venty?

Yes, the Venty is designed to be compatible with the standard dosing capsules used with the Mighty, Crafty, and Volcano.

2. Will the dosing capsules impact the Venty’s performance?

No, the Venty is designed to work optimally with these dosing capsules, ensuring that the user gets the best experience.

3. Do I need to buy special capsules for the Venty?

No, the standard dosing capsules for the Storz&Bickel line are all compatible. If you already own them, you’re set!

4. How many dosing capsules can the Venty hold at once?

The Venty is designed to hold one dosing capsule at a time, similar to the Crafty and Mighty.

5. Where can I purchase additional dosing capsules?

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