CBD Isolate

CBD Isolate – what is it?

CBD isolate, frequently called “CBD crystals” is a product that’s becoming more and more popular amongst cannabis enthusiasts around the world. It is pure CBD, cleared from all other plant matter, and condensed. It naturally comes in crystal form, ready to be used as it is or transformed further into other products (such as CBD oil).

How is CBD isolate made?

The process of producing the isolate is a bit more complicated than producing other CBD-related products. The first step in making the isolate is extraction. This step is the same as in making traditional CBD full or broad-spectrum oil. The extract contains a lot of plant matter, other cannabinoids, and terpenes that we need to get rid of in order to receive our isolate.

Transforming the extract into the isolate

After receiving the extract, the next step is to get rid of all remaining plant matter. This step divides into two substeps – “cold curing” and distillation. Cold curing or cooling is the process of subjecting the extract to very low temperatures. This flushes out the remaining chlorophyll and plant wax. The last substep is distillation. In the distillation process, we get rid of all the remaining terpenes and cannabinoids. At the end of this process, you should be left with the pure CBD compound in crystal form.

Is CBD isolate safe to use?

Isolates, just like all other CBD-related products are completely safe for our health. Other than the typical effects of consuming CBD, there were no other side effects reported while consuming CBD isolates. An isolate is just a pure, condensed form of CBD, widely used in a whole range of CBD products available on the cannabis market.

CBD isolate can be a really important product for people getting regularly drug tested (for example at their workplace). In extreme cases, regular use of CBD products (such as flowers or oils) that fit in the maximum range of 0,2% THC required by polish law, can give a false-positive result on a test.  The isolate is completely free of all other cannabinoids and plant matter. This means that regular use of the isolate will have absolutely no effect in triggering a false-positive result on a drug test.

The only potential downside of a CBD isolate is the lack of synergy effect. This effect is increasingly studied and talked about by cannabis researchers and scholars. In traditional CBD oil – besides the CBD itself, there is a whole range of plant chemicals, other cannabinoids, and terpenes. While using the oil, all these compounds interact with each other, strengthening their effects. In the case of the isolate, the synergy effect is absent due to the lack of other compounds.

How to consume the isolate?

The isolate can be consumed in a couple of different methods – it all depends on the user’s expectations and preferences. The isolate is ready to be consumed in its natural, crystal form. It can also be further transformed into a whole range of products such as oilscooking recipes, or cosmetics.


The easiest and fastest method to consume a CBD isolate, without any other transformations is to smoke it. In the case of this method, it is preferred to use a water filtration (bong) with a special bowl designed for concentrates. The method is identical to consuming traditional extracts (dabs). Put a tiny piece of isolate on your dabber (a little metal tool used for concentrates and vapes) and drop it into the preheated bowl. When the isolate touches the hot surface of the bowl, it will start to dissolve and evaporate condensing the vapour in your water filtration for you to inhale.

Transforming the isolate

The isolate in its pure, crystal form is completely free of any smells and taste. This works great for all types of cooking or using it as a base for your cannabis cosmetics or oils. Traditional CBD oil, due to the remaining plant matter, terpenes and cannabinoids inside,  has a specific “earthy” smell and taste to it. It can be a problem for people who dislike this flavour profile. It can also dominate the flavour pallet of the dish you are preparing (for example while baking). The total neutrality of the isolate can provide the benefits of adding CBD to your products or diet, without overpowering everything with a very distinctive, earthy, cannabis flavour.

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