DynaVap surprises with its manual vaporizers series of VapCap M . However, this year they also treated their fans with new versions of Titanium Vaporizer Omni 2021 XL  and Vong 2021 , which is perfect for fans of water filtration. The lifts make not only the design more attractive, but the functionality and performance itself have been improved.

CBD hemp oil comes from organic Switzerland. Full spectrum naturally occurring cannabinoids make the action of the oil significantly enhanced in contrast to the oils produced from ordinary isolate. Oils have been checked by Swiss and Polish laboratories in terms of the content of cannabinoids, omega acids and vitamins. The carrier for kannbidoids is organic oil from hemp seeds. Oils are produced by means of CO2 extraction. Each stage is carefully monitored to guarantee the highest Swiss product quality. The oils have all the certificates that prove organic and safe for health. They were also checked for the content of heavy metals, pesticides, mold and fungi. Action CBD is further enhanced by the full spectrum of naturally occurring cannabinoids such as: CBDA, THC, THCA, CBC, CBGA, CBG, CBDV, CBN. 

CBD hemp drought comes from Swiss outdoor Cannabis Sativa L. This is hemp , which has less than 0.2% THC , which makes the product legal in within the European Union. It was grown organically . All our Swiss varieties have about 4-6% phytocannabinoid concentration. These are natural CBD concentrations without being artificially inflated with isolates. This cannabis variety has been carefully trimmed and dried after harvest, which means that only flower buds without leaves or seeds are included in the package. Thanks to this, the herbs are perfect for vaporization. Drought has been tested both by laboratories in Poland and Switzerland. Each package has QR code, which scanned shows current analyzes chemical for a specific batch. This allows you to safely travel with drought without printed studies. Glass jars are sealed and checked before shipping.

Drying mills allow you to change the dried hemp, and thus achieve the perfect fragmentation of the herb, both for filming and vaporization. Grindery Flowrolls are grinders Buy One For Life. Are made of premium aluminum . 4 pieces allow you to additionally collect kif, and 2 pieces keep all the pollen in the dried material during grinding. Rare earth neodymium magnet and ultra-thin nylon gasket provide < b> smooth and no stuttering while grinding the herbs.

Vaporization is an alternative for anyone who cannot imagine life without the benefits of hemp or other dried plants. Vaporization is a way to release the active ingredients from the herbs in the case of cannabis, these are cannabinoids such as CBD, CBD, THC, THCC and many others. So that burning process , thus we get rid of all tar substances. For this reason, inhalation is much healthier . Another advantage of using vaporizers is undoubtedly discretion compared to classic cannabis use methods. Vaporizers have one more advantage over the traditional form of smoking – are much more efficient. With traditional smoking, only 25% of active substances get into our body, while with vaporization it is up to 60-80% . Vaporization is an investment that will pay for itself quickly. We need much less drought to achieve the same effect. Vaporizers allow for microdosing as low as 0.05 g, which is perfect for people who value efficiency, economy and health.

What is RSO oil?

RSO oil is a psychoactive substance obtained from marijuana. It is a kind of concentrate with a high level of THC. Until recently, illegal RSO was associated only with a strong psychoactive effect, but several years ago people began to be interested in its other properties. RSO is an acronym for Rick Simpson Oil. The

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THC and schizophrenia

The discussion about the relationship of marijuana with possible mental illnesses has been going on for several years. As early as the 1930s, a large-scale anti-marijuana campaign was launched that clearly linked THC use with the development of psychotic behavior. Such assumptions, however, are controversial conclusions. A 2013 study at Harvard University is just one

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CBD for animals

For several decades, the benefits of taking cannabidiol, called CBD, have been widely known. Regularly dosed, it helps in the fight against muscle pain, allows you to reduce the level of stress, reduce symptoms of depression, and also improves the quality of sleep, proving helpful for people suffering from insomnia. In addition, CBD has been

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