Investing in a vaporizer

Investing in a vaporizer.


Buying a vaporizer is an investment not only in your own health but also in your funds. The research has proven that the vaporization process allows you to get 50-80% of the cannabinoids contained in a portion of dried herbs, depending on the selected vaporizer model. For comparison, during the traditional smoking of dried herbs, nearly 30% of cannabinoids undergo pyrolysis, and another 40-50% evaporate with the smoke. The conclusion is simple – during vaporization, many more active compounds are released from the herbs, which allows you to get better efficiency and save money. Therefore, you can easily calculate the time after which the investment in the vaporizer will pay off.


Buying a vaporizer is also an investment in health. This is a special priority for regular users who use CBD oil or flowers for health purposes. During traditional smoking, under the influence of high temperature, many harmful compounds, such as benzene, toluene, or carbon monoxide, are released from the dried herbs. They are toxic and carcinogenic, contributing to the development of many dangerous diseases. Moreover, hot smoke damages the epithelium of the respiratory tract, making them more vulnerable to all kinds of infections. During vaporization, the vapor is generated at relatively low temperatures, so we do not put the body in danger.

Investing in a vaporizer doesn’t break the bank

With vaporization being more and more popular, the market is saturated with many good-quality products. The user can work out what his expectations are, and choose a suitable device. There are many subcategories of devices performing best at different tasks.

A stationary vaporizer

Stationary vaporizers are big devices that require a connection via cable. This means they are usually dedicated to home, stationary use. The main feature of this subcategory is the ability to connect a silicone tube hose with a mouthpiece. For users not fond of a hose, there is also an option to connect a special balloon that slowly fills up with vapor. The leading representative of this category is the legendary Volcano, produced by the company Storz & Bickel. A good cheap alternative is produced by Arizer and called the Arizer V-tower.

A portable vaporizer

Portable vaporizers are small, electronic devices. They usually look similar to a traditional e-cigarette vape and offer a discrete, on-the-go vaping experience. This is by far the biggest vaporizer subcategory on the market. There is a huge variety of products offering different heating methods and ways of extraction. The user is also bound to find a good device for him at every price point. The leading representative of this category is the Mighty also produced by the company Storz & Bickel.

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