CBG White Widow

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CBG cannabis flowers that come from Italian greenhouse Cannabis Sativa L. plantations. It is an industrial hemp that has THC levels below 0,3%. This allows it to be legal in the European Union. Fully organic grown. All our Italian strains contain around 4-6% cannabinoids. These are naturally produced CBG amounts – without any additives and synthetic compounds.
After harvest, the strain was carefully trimmed and dried. This way, the packaging contains only buds – without any leaves or seeds. Thanks to this, these flowers work perfectly for aromatization.

This cannabinoid works great for regulating muscle tension and anxiety

  • regulates nausea
  • helps with skin problems such as: psoriasis, dandruff or eczema
  • has antidepressant properties
  • minimises anxiety
  • has strong anti inflammatory properties
  • stimulates hunger and proper function of intestine flora

Cannabigerol (In contrast to THC) has no psychoactive effects. It is also not addictive. CBG is a perfectly safe compound found in the cannabis plant.It mimics the functioning of other natural compounds found in our body. Compounds with a similar chemical structure can be found in every human being – even in infants. Cannabigerol is tolerated very well by the human body, and cannot be overdosed.

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