Boundless CF Vaporizer

Boundless CF is a small and very discreet hybrid vaporizer. The heating system combines the advantages of conduction and convection, so that we get the best from herbal and concentrates. Boundless CF Vaporizer gives you complete freedom here – you can vaporize both dried plants and concentrates. It is ready to work after only 20 seconds. The small and very elegant body hides the power that will give you an unforgettable experience during every inhalation. Boundless CF Vaporizer produces a highly saturated vapor cloud of taste and power, which guarantees an amazing experience and full relaxation in every session.

Compact size – high power

The Boundless CF vaporizer is a smaller version of the well-known Boundless CFX model. It has a ceramic heating chamber, which ensures very high quality of the vapor. The mouthpiece made of medical plastic has a built-in cooling chamber. This ensures that Boundless CF delivers the right cooled and airtight steam. It is silky, full of power and does not irritate the throat. Your vaporization will be pure pleasure.

For its small size it is very capacious. The ceramic heating chamber holds half a gram of dry matter. Its great advantage is that you don’t have to make a whole chamber. Thanks to the convection effect, you can put up to 0.1 gram of dried herbs in the heating chamber and your Boundless will work just as efficiently. The quality of the steam produced is also not affected by the degree of herbal milling. You can fill the chamber with heavily ground dried herbs or gently crush it in your fingers, in both cases you will get satisfactory results. So you can vaporize exactly the way you like it. Boundless CF Vaporizer also works well with concentrates. They are placed in a special container in the heating chamber and you can already enjoy your favourite taste.

Optimally selected temperatures

The Boundless CF damping unit offers five temperature settings that can be easily controlled with a button on the body. The clear graduation and backlighting always ensure precise selection. You can heat herbs at temperatures: 179, 188, 196, 204 and 213 degrees Celsius. This large selection of pre-programmed settings allows you to choose the ideal degree of heating for each material. Boundlass CF Vaporizer gives you the freedom and ability to adjust the device to your favorite taste and vaporization effect. The heat-up is extremely short – after just 20 seconds you can start a relaxing session with your Boundless CF. The vaporizer is powered by a battery which provides 35-40 minutes of vaporization after a 2 hour charge. You can check the battery power level using the main LED button on the device. Three clicks of the button will display the battery status. Charging is via the microUSB port so you can charge it with the phone charger or powerbank.

Design and equipment

Let’s start with the size – Boundless CF is so small that it fits easily in your pocket. It’s almost completely hidden in the hand, ensuring complete discretion in public places. The soft rubber body not only lies nicely in the hand, but also protects against burns. Boundless CF Vaporizer was made very carefully, looks interesting and very modern. In the set with Boundless CF Vaporizer you get a micro-USB cable, a container for concentrates, a chamber cleaner and a herbal rammer.


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