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Vaporizer DaVinci MIQRO will provide you with discreet and elegant inhalation. It is really compact and 33% smaller than the previous DaVinci IQ model. The small body encloses the power of modern technology that makes inhalation as pleasant as ever. The small size of the elegant body guarantees comfortable discretion of use.

Vaporizer DaVinci MIQRO offers you excellent taste throughout the entire process of vaporization. Large clouds of silky steam at every breath bring you the relaxation and taste experience you expect from a premium device.

Precise adaptation to your needs

DaVinci MIQRO vaporizer is controlled by illuminated buttons located on the body. The display with a dot matrix allows to control device parameters. Vaporizer offers 4 modes of operation with intelligent adjustment of heating temperature in ranges: 176°C – 187°C, 187°C – 198°C, 198°C – 210°C, 210°C – 221°C. The device allows you to control the temperature to one degree Celsius. Thanks to such a wide range of available temperatures, the device can adapt the mode of operation to the quality of the charge to ensure the highest quality of the produced vapor and ideal taste of inhalation. An additional advantage is the fact that the vaporizer switches off automatically after 5 minutes of rest, which facilitates battery saving.

Perfect execution

The ceramic heating chamber is durable and easy to fill. However, its main advantage is that the taste of your favourite herbs will not change during the whole heating process. The capacity of the chamber is regulated by a ceramic pearl – so you decide how many cartridges you want to heat. The steam path made of zirconium has been completely isolated from the rest of the mechanism. Such a construction makes DaVinci MIQRO produce perfectly clean steam, the taste of which is only reflected in the aromas of the material being heated.

Premium class performance and intuitive operation

The device heats up in no time – it takes only 30 seconds to warm up on a 100% charged battery. When the battery is nearing exhaustion, the mechanism extends the warm-up time to 60 seconds in battery saving mode. After one recharge, the battery lasts for about four satisfactory sessions. Thanks to the 18350 900 mAh type replaceable battery, you can quickly deliver power to the vaporizer. It is also important that you can freely use the device during charging. The process of charging with a standard USB cable takes 2 hours, while a dedicated charger only needs to be connected to the device for 45 minutes. The magnetically closed cover ensures tightness and increases the comfort of using the device.

Unique design and rich equipment

The small DaVinci MIQRO vaporizer with a body covered with a layer of anodized aluminum represents sophisticated minimalism. It is available in five fashionable colours to choose from. You can also select the right accessory kit for you – the manufacturer offers a choice of two: Explorer’s Kit and Standard Kit. In Standard Kit version you get: additional mouthpiece, USB cable, 4 cleaning swabs and cleaning tools, mouthpiece seal and battery. The Explorer’s Kit includes, apart from the above mentioned, also the following: Grinder Card, metal key ring, elegant cover, glove and spare ceramic pearl, seal, post and rim. Such rich equipment will please every connoisseur and will definitely increase your joy of buying DaVinci MIQRO vaporizer.



Standard Kit, Explorer’s Kit


Onyx, Graphite, Cobalt, Rust, Amethyst

Battery capacity

900 mah



Removable battery


Using while charging








The way of heating


Temperature range


Landing way

micro usb

Temperature control

settings up to 1 c

Warm-up time

30 sec

Battery endurance

4 sessions

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