DynaVap Omni Titanium 2021 + Lighter + 15g dried hemp

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A breath of fresh air in the Omni family

What is a manual vaporizer? We can call every DynaVap device such vaporizers – they are real experts and pioneers in this field. Over the years of improvement, they have produced an ideal system for heating the herb in order to extract as many active substances as possible from it. The main rule in the case of butane vaporizers is that you do not need any chargers or batteries to operate it, it is a device that works thanks to a lighter or a butane burner. It is also possible to heat up the previous induction heaters especially manufactured for these vaporizers. This gives them a huge advantage over electronic vaporizers because they are not famous for their long battery life on a single charge, manual DynaVap vaporizers do not have this problem, because we usually do not have a battery.

What’s new in the Omni family

The Omni 21 manual vaporizer by DynaVap uses the optimal combination of convection and conduction to heat up your favorite herb, like all DynVap devices. A device of small size but with great power to provide you with exciting experiences. A carefully thought-out structure with a timeless design ensures the highest quality vapor rich in active ingredients obtained from herbs during your inhalation. The Omni 21 is entirely made of titanium, which allows us to reduce the time between sessions because titanium heats up and cools down much faster than the surgical steel used in Vapcaps. The appearance of the device has changed significantly, its shapes are more aggressive, which improves the grip and rotation because we feel it better in the hand. The most visible change is the location, shape, and number of airflows. They are located in the central part and it is now in the form of two horizontal holes which greatly improves the efficiency of using them. The condenser has also changed, and it now has a spiral shape, which causes the equipment to cool down even faster than its predecessor.

Attention to detail

DynaVap proves once again that the issue of the environment is important to him and has designed a great-looking and functional case made of high-quality wood. The case is very handy, making it easier to carry than ever before. Despite its large size, for a DynaVap vaporizer, it can be used to make excellent micro-dosing equipment thanks to an inset in the heating chamber, on which we can place a sieve, reducing the chamber to its capacity.

Vaporization is an alternative

for everyone who cannot imagine life without the benefits of hemp or other dried plants. Vaporization is a way to release the active ingredients from the herb, in the case of cannabis cannabinoids such as CBD, CBD, THC, THCC, and many more. Thanks to that, the combustion process does not take place, and thus we get rid of all tar substances. For this reason, our inhalation is much healthier. Another advantage of using vaporizers is the unquestionable discretion compared to classic methods of using cannabis. Vaporizers have one more advantage over the traditional form of smoking – they are much more efficient. With traditional smoking, only 25% of active substances get into our body, while with vaporization it is up to 60-80%. Vaporization is an investment that will pay for itself quickly. We need much less drought to achieve the same effect. Vaporizers allow for microdosing as low as 0.05 g, which is perfect for people who value efficiency, economy, and health

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