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Firefly 2+: a portable vaporizer that gives you maximum experience

Firefly 2+ is a vaporizer that changes the game rules. This innovative device makes you discover a whole new dimension of vaporization. Enjoy a dense, strong steam with an incredibly intense taste – the best in the world, according to many. Squeeze out of the dry as much as possible – without any loss and with style. This is how the latest version of the cult Firefly works!

Firefly 2+ – a luxury vaporizer that you will love

Firefly 2+ is a new version of the well-known “two”. In response to customer comments, the manufacturer has prepared an even more refined device, which offers the advantages of a valued vaporizer and eliminates the problems experienced by users.

What distinguishes Firefly 2+?

  • Innovative dynamic convection system
  • The unearthly taste of steam
  • No drought loss
  • As much as 33% more airflow
  • Padding and cleaning convenience
  • Quick and convenient charging
  • Intelligent control
  • Sophisticated design

Thanks to him, you don’t have to wait for a couple – she’s “waiting” for you. Whenever you want to taste it, it reaches full power in 3 seconds – whether you want to enlist once or several times. It’s a real on-demand vaporizer!

With Firefly 2+, you’ll rediscover the taste of your favourite hemp – all its nuances and notes. All thanks to a dynamic convection system and the ability to precisely set the heating temperature. Enjoy a dense and aromatic blend that delivers 100% power.

Vaporizer only heats up the drought when you’re pulling on it. When you’re done, it cools down immediately. This means that nothing is wasted and the drought does not burn.

Breathe freely and gain full control over how much steam you want to get each time. This innovation distinguishes Firefly 2+ from the previous version.

The magnetic cover holds firmly when you use or travel with the vaporizer. But when you want to replenish the CBD or clean the inside of it, just a simple movement is enough to open it. Click and you’re done!

The built-in battery in Firefly 2+ will last for a long time, and when you need to recharge it, just plug it into the docking station (included) and recharge in no time. It’s a fully portable device.

Download the free app to your smartphone and set the parameters of the vaporizer yourself. The software allows, among other things, for a precise indication of the heating temperature between 105 and 255 degrees Celsius (in 5-degree intervals) as well as for calibration of the heater. You take full control.

Firefly 2+ is a fully portable device – lightweight, small, yet powerful. Choose the color that best suits your preference and get in shape wherever you are!

It’s included:

  • Firefly 2+ portable vaporizer
  • The battery
  • Docking station
  • USB 3.0 cable
  • Hub pad
  • 3 cotton swabs with alcohol for cleaning

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