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The FlipBrick Vaporizer convective butane vaporizer is a small and excellent quality device mounted to a water pipe. It provides an excellent quality of strong and swirling steam, is easy to use and very discreet. It is small, there are no electronic mosses inside, which guarantees long and failure-free work.

Enjoy the rich taste

The secret of the taste and intense steam lies in the simple design and the highest quality materials, which do not affect the properties of the vapor. Steam is as effective as other convectional vaporizers, but as a result of water filtration it is comfortably cooled and moisturized. Thanks to this solution, your inhalation will not only be more pleasant and delicate for the respiratory system, but also allows you to take in larger amounts of vapor.

Simple principles of operation

FlipBrick Vaporizer is an ideal proposal for water pipe lovers. You don’t need to buy a special bong adapter. FlipBrick has a built-in, specially designed Glass-on-Glass connector, with which you can easily connect it to practically any water pipe – bong or bubbler. The convective heating process, which is activated by the incandescent lighter, provides instant operation on demand. In a few seconds the device starts to produce very concentrated steam in large quantities.

When you connect the vaporizer to the water pipe, you simultaneously engage the lighter to heat up the air that enters the heating chamber at the right temperature and the process of obtaining active substances from herbs, which we obtain in the form of pure steam, begins. As a result, we do not inhale smoke with unnecessary and toxic substances, but maximally concentrated active substances, only those we want to deliver to the body.

Focus on efficiency

Sticky Brick LAB American brand of vaporizers is characterized by very high efficiency. This is also the case with FlipBrick. It is very economical, after loading only 0.15 mg of the plant charge you get a large amount of milk vapor, which quality is unbeatable. The strong, very intense steam will certainly satisfy any connoisseur.

An important advantage of this small device is the fact that no electronic components are used in its production. Very simple construction and natural, safe for health materials make it one of the most durable and easy to use vaporizers. The proof of this is the manufacturer’s lifetime warranty. FlipBrick also requires practically no maintenance or special storage conditions. The wooden elements are connected to each other by strong magnets, so it is easy to operate. The manufacturer has masterfully eliminated from its construction all parts that could give the user any problem.

The beauty lies in simplicity

FlipBrick Vaporizer made of natural wood, equipped with glass tubes looks extremely elegant. Its simple form impresses and ensures the appropriate level of discretion. After the first inhalations, you will easily learn how to use it and have fun with it. It is also important that the price of FlipBrick is very competitive, and if we take into account its failure-free and efficient performance, we can safely say that it is one of the best vaporizers on the market.


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