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HydroBrick Maxx Vaporizer is by far the strongest and most efficient of the on-demand vaporizer series from American manufacturer Sticky Brick Labs. Its incredible capabilities will take you into a completely different reality of herbal inhalation. A device that uses convection but you do not need electricity for it at all.

A brilliant vaporizer

HydroBrick Maxx Vaporizer works on demand – with a glow lighter we heat up the air which is sucked into the heating chamber and by means of convection the plant load is heated. You don’t have to wait for the device to heat up – while heating up, you pull yourself together. The vaporizer produces so much steam that you are pulling yourself together naturally and with real pleasure. It is equipped with a long and wide mouthpiece that cools the steam to make it even more tasty and its smooth claws do not irritate your throat or respiratory system.

There is another sensational benefit, just as the HydroBrick Basic Vaporizer Maxx is equipped with an 18 mm grinded connector for water filter connection. The HydroBrick Maxx can be connected to most water pipes on the market. This can be achieved in three ways – with an extended glass mouthpiece, a silicone hose or a hydratube water filter. As you can see, HydroBrick Maxx Vaporizer combines all the best features of Sticky Brick Labs products and the effects of this combination are extremely effective.

Durability worthy of a lifetime warranty

HydroBrick Maxx is made of high quality wood (you can choose from three valuable species: nut, cherry and maple), which is characterized by high resistance and noble appearance. Appropriate impregnation ensures resistance to high temperatures and thus the use of the incandescent lighter is 100% safe. Tubes and mouthpieces made of borosilicate glass are not only durable, but above all crystal clear taste of calcium. The elimination of electronic components is a brilliant move that will satisfy not only traditionalists. HydroBrick Maxx does not spoil because, to tell the truth, there is nothing to spoil. To prove it, the manufacturer provides a lifetime warranty on this excellent vaporizer.

Vaporize as you wish

HydroBrick Maxx Vaporizer will provide you with many relaxing moments while inhaling at home. Its great advantage is that you can use it both with a water pipe and dry. In the first case, the steam is properly cooled and properly moistened by water filtration. So you can take deeper breaths and make the most of the incredible amounts of strong and intense steam. Dry vaporization with a long and wide glass mouthpiece that cools the steam properly. You get clouds of delicate and cool steam, whose purity and power will surprise you.

A luxurious product

The highest quality of the HydroBrick Maxx vaporizer is therefore evidenced by its versatility, simple but very well-thought-out construction made of premium quality materials and a wide range of accessories. Together with the vaporizer we receive a small jet-flame burner, a set of accessories for connecting a water pipe, a glass mouthpiece and a useful container for herbs, stirrers and toothpicks needed to prepare the herbal mixture and plugs to block the air inlet. HydroBrick Maxx Vaporizer is not only efficient but also beautiful, it pleases the eye of aesthetes and admirers of high quality products. The manufacturer has managed to combine the best features of all its products to create an ideal product.


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