Japanese Ceremonial Matcha 30g

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This is a Ceremonial Organic Matcha, which means it was made only from the top leaves of the plant.

Contains 137x more antioxidants than regular green tea, it is a powerful antioxidant bomb!

It greatly supports metabolism and fat burning, which is why it is perfect for people who lead a healthy lifestyle and train in the gym. Moreover, thanks to the high caffeine content, it is a great coffee substitute – it stimulates mental functions such as memory, focus and energy for a long time, unlike coffee.

Ceremonial Matcha has also been proven to protect against cancer, heart disease and diabetes. It is irreplaceable relaxation for the mind and body.

There are many imitations of Matcha from China on the market at the moment and poor culinary quality. Unfortunately, they do not have the properties described above. For this reason, the desired effects can be obtained by consuming the highest quality ceremonial Matcha, which in addition has a natural, sweet taste.

Our Matcha comes from the Kyoto region in Japan, which is famous for the best quality Matcha green tea. It was hand-harvested, only from the top leaves, which contain most of the above-mentioned nutrients, and then crushed on stone mills!

Additionally, we have all ecological certificates, which proves that this product does not contain any chemicals, GMOs, preservatives. It is vegan and sugar free.

Ceremonial Matcha also has a record low content of kcal per 100 grams of product, which is only 0.3kcal!

Natural Loves Matcha is perfect for people who lead a healthy lifestyle and care about the quality of the products they eat.

It is extremely important to consume only and exclusively Ceremonial Matcha, as others do not have the excellent properties for which Matcha has just been loved by people all over the world.

The package is enough for about 30 servings, so for a month of use. Matcha can, however, be prepared in many different ways, such as: Matcha Latte, desserts, cakes, Cold or hot Matcha. It is important, however, that the water that we pour over our tea does not exceed 80 degrees, because higher water can destroy the nutrients of the tea. After opening, it is best to keep it in a refrigerator and protect it from light to maintain its intense, sweet flavor and aroma.

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