OmniVap Titanium XL

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The DynaVap OmniVap Titanium XL manual vaporizer uses an optimal combination of convection and conduction when heating dried herbs. Small in size but powerful enough to give you an exciting experience. The carefully thought-out design of the device ensures the highest quality steam rich in active ingredients obtained from herbs during the heating process.

Reliable and unbreakable

DynaVap OmniVap Titanium XL is almost entirely made of titanium, a material of extraordinary strength and durability. This means that only the vaporization chamber and the titanium tip are heated by the butane lighter. It is therefore much safer and more comfortable to use than models made of stainless steel.

We heat up the dried product with a butane lighter, heating the tip by turning the vaporizer in your fingers all the time, when you hear a click you can start inhaling. You can heat up again only after the device has cooled down, it will also inform you with a click. Thanks to the special shape of the outer wall the process of turning is easy and intuitive.

The titanium chamber ensures easy and precise filling. The properly ground drying chamber is placed inside without beating it too much, as even a half-filled chamber always provides the same steam production capacity.

A revolutionary change for your comfort

DynaVap OmniVap Titanium XL offers you the opportunity to modify the taste of calcium to find the perfect one for you. If you want to change the intensity of the taste by turning the mouthpiece. This treatment gives you a vapour to air ratio that suits you best when you inhale. This gives you your favourite taste and intensity of vapour, always cooled down properly. Thanks to its unique design, the Omni Titanium mouthpiece provides a natural breathing rhythm.

Legendary performance and excellent taste

DynaVap vaporizers are world-famous for their outstanding performance. A small portion of dryness in a few seconds, because that’s how long it takes to heat up, emits very high quality steam. Silky clouds of really big volume of calcium, and the unchanged taste and power you expect are what distinguishes DynaVap OmniVap Titanium XL. This model of vaporizer offers an extremely intensive experience with great savings on herbal drought. The power of the crystal-clear steam will satisfy even experienced herbal inhalers. OmniVap will take you to a whole new level, and if you’re a beginner in vaporisation, you won’t want to change it to any other.

It is also impossible to notice the incredible design. The titanium vaporizer has been profiled to provide you with high comfort. Seemingly decorative grooves and spirals were created for specific purposes, the shape is also not accidental. And all this so that you can easily master the technique of heating this manual vaporizer and enjoy the most of the herbal vaporization. When used in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations, DynaVap OmniVap Titanium XL vaporizer is definitely a purchase for years. It is sold in a set with an anti-odour protection tube, which guarantees discretion and protection of the device during transport and storage. The DynaVap OmniVap Titanium XL titanium vaporizer will take you into a world of amazing experiences during relaxing meetings with friends or relaxing at home.


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