OmniVap Titanium

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The Omni system is space-based designed so that the user can be precise … adjust the airflow that allows full smoke control. You can get it by simply turning the Omni mouthpiece.

DynaVap relies on manual vaporizers that do not have batteries. In other words, we can enjoy using it for many years, because there is nothing to break in it. The innovative heating chamber makes vaporization much more economical. Thanks to this, one can get two or even three times more dense smoke from the same dried product. This is a great investment for users who value convenience, discretion and vaporization efficiency.

How does vaporization occur without batteries? Any source of heat is sufficient to use. It can be a regular lighter, a match, but the incandescent lighter works best. With it, the vaporizer is ready for use after just a few seconds. After heating to the right temperature, VapCap will emit an audible signal indicating that it is ready for vaporization. Then, after cooling down, it will emit another sound, which indicates that another session can be carried out.


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