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Original Sticky Brick

The Brick is an amazing butane vaporizer produced by Sticky Brick Labs, hence the popular name Sticky Brick. It is an absolutely unique device, distinguished in the market of vaporizers by its design, method of heating the dried hemp and the quality of steam. Most of the components of Sticky Brick are made by hand from high quality wood from Northern California, and the remaining protruding parts are made from very durable borosilicate glass. It is 100% convectional, which means that the dried product is only heated by a hot air stream. Unlike most portable vaporizers, Sticky Brick does not use any electronics – the air heating the herbs is heated by the flame of a butane burner, which at first glance may sound scary, but we assure you that it is completely safe. Thanks to this unique method, it is an on-demand vaporizer (on demand) generating steam immediately after heated by the burner. This distinguishes it from electronic devices that need several dozen seconds to be ready for use. Sticky Brick allows for quick, short and at the same time incredibly satisfying inhalations, is stunningly efficient and brings out the delicious taste of your favorite herbs. According to many vaporization experts, it provides the highest quality steam of all vaporizers. As if that were not enough, it also has a lifetime warranty. We highly recommend it!

The American company Sticky Brick Labs used high quality wood, hard borosilicate glass and stainless steel (these are the fewest parts) to produce this vaporizer. The individual components are connected by means of strong magnets, which translates into a solid construction of the equipment. Sticky Brick is an ecological vaporizer – it has no electronic herbal heating system. Instead, the heat source is a mini butane burner (so-called jet-flame lighter) included in the set. The air heated by the burner is sucked through a glass nozzle into a wooden heating chamber, which gives the steam produced by the device a delicate touch of noble wood and, as a result, a truly unique taste. Before it reaches our mouths, the steam goes a very long way, so it is gentle, cool and does not irritate the respiratory tract, while maintaining a clear and delicious taste. Sticky Brick is a true gold medalist in the quality category of the produced steam.

Provided that we use high quality butane, heating the air with this method is completely safe for health – then during combustion in the burner, butane breaks down into steam and carbon dioxide, which are completely harmless to health. A can of good quality butane is sufficient for about 2 months of daily use of Sticky Brick and costs a dozen or so zlotys, making it very economical to use.

Another advantage of Sticky Brick is that we can place any number of herbs in its heating chamber and it always delivers invariably stunning results. However, it is important to remember not to whisk the dried herbs in the chamber, as this may limit the air flow and consequently heat up the contents too much. The level of dried matter grinding is not important for Sticky Brick – it can be either completely ground or gently crushed with your fingers.

An undeniable disadvantage of Sticky Brick as a portable vaporizer is its large size, which makes the device not particularly handy and in some situations indiscreet. However, these disadvantages are completely compensated for by the extraordinary quality of the steam produced by the equipment and the unique speed of this production. It takes no more than 2 seconds from the start of air heating to the production of dense, intense steam! The vaporizer is extremely efficient, thanks to the on-demand vaporization and the possibility to buy any small amount of drought into the heating chamber. This amazing, original invention provides an unforgettable inhalation experience, and all its wonderful qualities are complemented by a lifetime warranty!


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