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An extremely beautiful, very discreet Puffco Plus vaporizer offers the highest quality inhalation experience with concentrates. The device fits in your pocket, it does not differ in appearance from an e-cigarette. Very comfortable, portable vaporizer is extremely easy to use and very efficient. Despite its small size it provides high quality, clean and strong vaporizer. It is a compact device that has been designed for comfortable inhalations in literally all conditions. You can take it with you anywhere and enjoy the excellent taste of herbal concentrates.

Heating without burns

The ceramic chamber without coils or wicks inside ensures even heating of the concentrate. This ensures a uniform taste during the entire vaporization process. No more scorching, Puffco Plus is always the highest quality steam. A unique mouthpiece with a built-in tool for charging concentrates in the chamber, splash guard and special cap has been created for the highest comfort of using Puffco Plus vaporizer. When you press the tip of the mouthpiece, the concentrates charging tool slides out to make the charging process even easier and always dirt-free. The ceramic chamber guarantees complete evaporation of the concentrate and is easy to keep clean.

Always suitable for your needs

Puffco Plus is an innovative, small vape pen, which hides great possibilities. The device offers three modes of temperature setting. Depending on the size of the batch and individual preferences, you can set one of three temperature levels for heating the concentrate. This allows you to get from delicate and slightly aromatic vapor to really intense clouds of steam. Another innovation is the Sash Mode – a 12 second continuous mode. It will be perfect for meetings with friends and inhalations together.

Puffco Plus is powered by a battery charged with a USB port. One charge is enough for the whole day, even if you use your vape pen intensively.

Excellent quality for active

Puffco Plus vaporizer is a device that is perfect for people who like vaporizing while on the move. Thanks to its discreet form, which looks like an e-cigarette, you can always have it with you and use it as intensely as you feel like it. It was designed to meet individual customer needs. Very well thought-out solutions allowed to obtain the highest quality of the steam. You can decide on the intensity of the taste and power of the vapor, this device adapts to your needs and mood. This solution also allows you to plan the consumption of concentrates and use them more economically. Puffco Plus is characterized by high efficiency and uniform taste during the whole process of evaporation, it definitely distinguishes it and makes you once you use it you will not want to replace it with any other.

The very elegant design also deserves admiration. The body is made of steel resistant to the formation of unsightly fingerprints. Perfectly smooth surface, beautiful form and completely unobtrusive design distinguish Puffco Plus from other vape pens available on the market. When you buy it you get a set of cleaning sticks and a charger. The highest quality vape pen Puffco Plus will provide you with an extraordinary quality inhalation experience with crystal clear and rich in active steam whenever you feel like it.


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