Sticky Brick Junior

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A very elegant on-demand Sticky Brick Junior vaporizer will ensure pleasant inhalation at home. This small vaporizer, hand-made in the USA, stands out not only with its beautiful form, but also with the power of the steam it produces with a small amount of plant charge.

A perfect combination of tradition and modernity

Sticky Brick Junior is vaporization on demand, just a few seconds is enough for you to draw a dense and silky pair with incredible power. This vaporizer model does not use any electronic components and is not powered by batteries. You no longer need a set of chargers and you can use it whenever you feel like it. The fully convective heating mechanism of the insert is carried out using a butane lighter. The flame heats the air to a high temperature, it is sucked into the heating chamber and used to efficiently heat the herbs. It is a completely safe process and suitable for use at home.

Natural materials and extraordinary design

Sticky Brick Junior was made of wood and borosilicate glass tubes. The vaporizer consists of three elements that are connected together with strong magnets. The dark wood housing is exceptionally elegant in its simplicity. Care for appearance details and extremely friendly use of the vaporizer leaves no doubt that you are dealing with a luxury device.

After the vaporization is completely complex the device does not resemble the stationary vaporizers known to us, placed on the shelf can be an elegant decoration and no one will guess what the possibilities are hidden under this elegant form.

Amazing performance

The convective cartridge heating system provides excellent quality steam that contains the maximum concentration of active substances. The advantage of the Sticky Brick on-demand vaporizer is that you can stop your inhalation at any time without risking the loss of taste and potency of the calcium. However, the biggest advantage of this vaporizer is its unsurpassed performance. Already 0.1 grams of dried plant will provide you with fully satisfactory vaporization. It is one of the most efficient and economical vaporizers currently available on the market. Sticky Brick Junior produces a really strong vapor, the intensity of which will be appreciated by the greatest connoisseurs of this form of relaxation.

Simple design and natural, but properly selected materials make this vaporizer reliable and easy-to-use device. Evidence of this is the manufacturer’s lifetime warranty – no matter what the problem is, it is always surrounded by professional support and advice.

What makes Sticky Brick Junior

Definitely warm-up time – after a few seconds the vaporizer is ready for operation. A small load is enough to achieve a state of complete relaxation and provide the body with the right amount of active substances. Vapor produced by the device is extremely strong and content, however it does not irritate the respiratory tract – it is extremely pleasant and delicate. The beautiful and very discreet appearance of Sticky Brick Junior will definitely appeal to lovers of the eco style. Easy to use thanks to handy accessories such as a dried agitator makes the vaporizer provide you with only pleasant sensations. The combination of a traditional lighter and convection is a ritual that you know and like, and modern and much healthier ways to get the best out of them.


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