THC microdosing

THC microdosing

  The principle of microdosing has long been associated with hallucinogens, especially LSD. Today, however, more and more experts are promoting the thesis that also in the case of THC, less is more. The latest research confirms that we achieve medical benefits with rather small doses. Let’s take a look at what exactly is the THC microdosing phenomenon.  

THC microdosing – what is it?

  The microdosing method involves taking as little cannabis in as possible. However, it should be an effective dose. Thanks to this, we make the most of the medical benefits of THC, while avoiding the psychoactive effects.  

How much is a microdose?

  First of all – it has no universal value. Dr. Michelle Ross, founder of IMPACT Network, recommends starting with 2.5 mg, maintaining this level for approximately 3 days, and then increasing the dose if deemed necessary. Osteopath Dr. Dustin Sulak suggests a similar method and suggests starting with as little as 1 mg. Sulak emphasizes that “the goal is to use the dose that produces the least noticeable effect. You’re not trying to get totally intoxicated, you’re not trying to get complete relief from your symptoms – you’re just trying to feel a little better. When you find a dose that will make you feel this little something, use it for a few more days. Later, you can start increasing it gradually. ”   Sometimes it is worth starting with ultra-micro doses. Assuming that the micro dose of THC is 2 mg, the ultra micro dose is between 0.02 and 0.2 mg of THC. Remember, these are never rigid boundaries. Medicine has not defined values ​​for “dosing”, “microdosing” and “ultra-micro dosing”.  

What determines the height of the microdose?

It is very individual. Our responses and our THC tolerance threshold may depend on:  
  • liver metabolism,
  • scales,
  • age,
  • past and / or current diseases,
  • prior application of THC.

Microdosing THC for Beginners

  If you’ve never taken THC, it’s better to start with the lowest doses. Most often, the following conversion rate is recommended: 0.0002 mg / kg, which is about 0.014 mg for a person weighing 70 kg. This is nearly 100 times lower dose than the potentially intoxicating effect. Sometimes tinctures and oral solutions are recommended. Of course, we absolutely use cannabis products from a legal source that have the appropriate certificates.  

Advantages of microdosing THC

  The paradox of using THC is that other effects are achieved by using micro doses, and other standard doses. For example, a little cannabis is enough to reduce anxiety, but if we overdo it, we only make it worse. In 2012, a study was conducted on a group of advanced cancer patients who were no longer responding to traditional opioid painkillers. They were given the THC / CBD compound in three doses: low, medium and high. They found that patients who received the lowest dose of cannabinoids experienced the greatest relief. In those who received higher doses, the pain did not decrease, and sometimes even increased. Microdosing THC allows you to alleviate pain, depression, reduce stress, and calm anxiety. You just need to give yourself some time and listen to your own body to find the minimum dose that is right for you.

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