CBG – What is this cannabinoid and what does it do?

CBG – Introduction

With the rise in popularity of cannabis in the recent years, more people are starting to pay attention to this plant. The science and medical community also took and interest in this, and started performing more experiments and research in this subject. The main interest are the cannabinoid compounds found in cannabis plants, and their possible medicinal applications. With more tests, new cannabinoids (and uses for the ones we already know) are found all the time. This opens the doors to further research and can prove vital in curing future diseases. The most popular cannabinoids are THC and CBD. Also, they are without a doubt the most studied compounds found in the cannabis plant. There is a huge number or studies showing positive effects of both CBD and THC. Their many possible uses are explained in detail in our other blogs. The popularity of cannabis also contributed in a large degree to the rise of interest in other compounds found in marijuana. Compounds such as CBN or CBG are being talked about more frequently. Cannabis stores, besides the usual CBD flower or oil, now start having products with other cannabinoids on their shelves as well.

CBG – What is it good for?

CBG (cannabigerol) just like CBD, has NO psychoactive effects and is NOT addictive. It’s one of the first cannabinoids that starts evolving during plant growth. At first, it’s content in the plant is quite high, and it’s called CBGA. CBGA (with the help of enzymes) breaks down into THCA, CBDA and other cannabinoids. During drying and curing, these compounds break down further into THC, CBD etc. At the end, the plant usually has around 1% CBG left. Some growers try to rise the CBG content by harvesting earlier (before CBGA breaks down into other cannabinoids). In the studies, CBG proved useful while fighting epithelial and breast cancer. It also has strong antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial properties.

What’s the future?

With the popularisation of cannabis, the science world started to seriously study this plant and its compounds. Aside from CBD and THC, other cannabinoids also gain traction. More and more products (flowers, oils and cosmetics) based around other cannabinoids start appearing in cannabis stores. Every year, more studies come out proving that CBG can be useful while treating some cancers or inflammations. With more research, more possible uses are sure to come.

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