CBN – What is it and what are its properties?

CBN – Introduction

CBN – What is it and what are its properties? – Every year, the bank of research concerning cannabis, its effects, uses and contents grows bigger and bigger. With the increasing knowledge concerning this subject, the interest of the public in cannabinoids other than THC and CBD also grows. Today, will will take a look at one of these cannabinoids.

Unusual background

In contrast to most other cannabinoids, the compound dose not derive from CBGA. Cannabigerolic acid (CBGA) is the building block for most other cannabinoids. Due to enzymes and decarboxylation, CBGA gets transformed into CBD, THC or CBG.

The story is different when it comes to CBN. Cannabinol is created due to the breakdown of THC in the process of decarboxylation. This means, that most of it is created in the final, “maturing” stage of plant growth. Usually, the plant reaches around 1% of CBN concentration. Storing the flower (not always in the correct way) for longer periods of time will cause the breakdown of THC, and the increase of cannabinol. Some growers also try to higher the concentration in their plants by harvesting the plants later than usual.

CBN – Possible uses

Just like with other cannabinoids, cannabinol interacts with the endocannabinoid system and CB1 and CB2 receptors. Here (amongst others), are some possible uses:

Anti-inflammatory. Just like in the case of other cannabinoids, there are studies showing that CBN has anti-inflammatory properties. Thanks to this, this cannabinoid can prove useful in treating skin diseases such as burns, MRSA or psoriasis.

Appetite. Similar to THC, CBN can also be connected to appetite growth. This comes in handy while treating eating disorders such as anorexia. It also helps in mitigating side effects of procedures such as chemotherapy.

Calming affect and sleeping aid. According to the studies, CBN shows strong calming and sedative effects. This can be used while treating different states of anxiety. It also helps with managing sleeping disorders.

The synergy effect

Recently, the term “synergy effect” gains more and more traction. This term suggests, that using the full spectrum (or most) of compounds found in the plants betters the possible use and effects it has. In short: better results are reached while using multiple cannabinoids at once, instead of applying them separately.
More products (mostly oils) containing both CBN and CBD start appearing on the market. Thanks to this, cannabinoids interact with each other, impacting and magnifying their medical applications. There are also studies showing that CBN has the ability to amplify the psychoactive effect of THC.


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