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Induction heaters – Introduction

Induction heaters – What are they and what are their uses? One of the many benefits of butane vaporizers offered by Dynavap is the freedom of choosing your heating source. The lack of electronics and their innovative design makes the devices useable with pretty much any source of fire. The right temperature can be reached with a candle, a normal lighter or a jet-flame torch. Not everyone is satisfied with using a lighter though. For those more demanding customers, DynaVap offers a nice selection of devices called induction heaters.

Induction heaters are electronic devices powered with a cable or built in battery (depending on the model). They allow for extremely fast heat-up, without the need to use a torch or lighter. In this blog we will take a look at the whole selection of official induction heaters offered by DynaVap.

Dynatech Apollo 2

The first induction heater offered by DynaVap is a device called Dynatech Apollo 2. It’s a small, electronic device powered by a cable. It works perfectly for home use, providing a user with his own “station” to quickly heat his butane vaporizer.

After plugging the device into a wall socket, insert the vaporizer into the hole and gently push to start heating. The induction heater will signal through a led light that the heating process has begun. After a few short seconds (5-8), the vaporizer’s cap will click – indicating that the right temperature for vaporization has been achieved. The case of the device has also been fitted with a strong magnet called the DynaMag. Thanks to this, you can place your vaporizer on the magnet acting as a stand. The magnet will also quickly decrease the temperature of the device, allowing you to begin another heat-up session.

Dynatech Apollo 2 Rover

Another induction heater introduced by DynaVap is called Dynatech Apollo 2 Rover. Unlike the previous model powered by a cable, the Rover has his own built in battery with 1550 mAh capacity. The functionality of the device is pretty identical – the only difference being the power source, now being built into the device. Thanks to the battery, this induction heater is perfect for going outside of the house, meeting with friends or going for a vacation. It’s a perfect solution, allowing the user to heat up his butane vaporizer wherever he is in a matter of seconds. Just like Apollo 2, Apollo 2 Rover has a built in DynaMag on its case – acting as a stand and cooling the cap between sessions.

Dynatech Orion

Orion is the newest device offered by the american company. Just like the Apollo 2 Rover, it has a built in battery with 1000 mAh capacity – providing the device with incredible mobility. Just like the previous 2 models, it’s also fitted with a strong DynaMag. It’s also smaller than the two induction heaters listed above. It fits perfectly in your pocket, which proves even more useful while taking the device out and about.

The producer also fitted the device with some technological improvements and gadgets. Orion is charged with a USB-C cable, allowing it to be charged much quicker than many other devices on the market, fitted with older generation charging sockets. The induction heater also comes with a sturdy travel case, a USB-C cable and a small plastic container for your cannabis storage.  


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