VONG (I) Titanium 2022

Vong (I) 2022 – Introduction

Vong (I) 2022 is the newest manual vaporizer compatible with most water filtrations. The beginning of 2022 came with many new devices and innovations in the vaping world. The renowned and liked American company Dynavap, introduced a new version of their legendary manual vaporizer, called the VONG. We took a look at the new version, investigating the changes, innovations and drawbacks of the new model

What’s new?

The main difference between the older and newer versions of the Vong is switching the wooden section of the body and replacing it with a titanium version. There is also a very interesting feature added with this switch. The section of the body can now be taken apart and switched for another component.

Vong (I) 2022 – Interchangeable body section

This is a sought after and innovative feature. The company will be able to introduce replacement bodies, made from different materials and in different colours. Thanks to this, you can customize your vaporizer in order to suit your individual needs and preferences. The company is praised for the fact that many of their vaporizers and their parts are fully compatible between different models. Because of that, the user can not only choose a model from a huge range of available products –  he can also pick individual parts and come up with his own perfect device, fully suiting his needs perfectly.

This also opens the door for many smaller companies and individual craftsmen. There are many companies that specialize in making accessories for Dynavap vaporizers. Because of this, the ability to customize your device is ever greater. The user doesn’t have to rely on products made officially by Dynavap. The internet is full of products compatible with these devices – both changing their physical appearance as well as functionality and features.

Ease of cleaning

Another big feature of the new version is the ease of cleaning. With the previous version, the user had to mind the wooden body element while cleaning the device. If it got too wet and was left this way, the wood could swell. In some cases, people who left a wet device in their water filtration had problems afterwards. If it was left there for too long. The wood swell, and it was impossible to get it out of the water filtration socket.

Also, deep cleaning with products such as Isopropyl Alcohol (ISO) is now much easier. During a deep clean with alcohol, it was previously impossible to fully submerge every part of the vaporizer in alcohol. This would destroy the wooden element of the body. The only way to clean the wooden part was to gently swipe it with a swab dipped in alcohol.

The titanium body element eliminates all the problems listed above. Every part of the vaporizer (apart from the cap) can be fully taken apart and submerged in alcohol. After the alcohol, you can clean it with water, dry it out and put it all back together with no problems whatsoever.


The main drawback with the new body is its susceptibility to scratches. Both the wooden and the titanium element is profiled in a specific way. This allows the device to be compatible with pretty much any water filtration. The main section of the body is the part that interacts with your glass water filtration. In this particular case, the wooden element was more resistant to scratches and mechanical damage made by the exploitation of the device. Frequent use can cause small scratches on the main body section over time.


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