Ispire wand – A new and great induction heater for DynaVap vaporizers

Ispire wand – Introduction

Fans of manual/butane vaporizers from companies such as DynaVap are well aware of induction heaters. In an older blog, we explained in detail the functionality of three main induction heaters offered by DynaVap: Apollo 2, Apollo 2 Rover and Orion.

A new induction heater hit the market: Ispire wand. It’s functionality and innovative design quickly caught the eye of cannabis enthusiasts. Very soon, it was named one of the best induction heaters on the current market.

Why does the Ispire wand get so much praise?

The Ispire wand induction heater has a couple of characteristics that quickly gained praise in the vaporization community.

  • Two replaceable batteries provide a steady flow of power. The heater does not require a cable to operate. This means, that it works perfectly for taking it outside the house instead of a lighter. In the case of lack of power, you can change the batteries in the matter of seconds.
  • Temperature regulation provides a perfect temperature for every heating cycle. Thanks to it, you don’t have to worry about burning your material. The device provides a steady and even distribution of heat for perfect extraction every time.
  • Small dimensions mean, that the device fits perfectly in hand. This is useful for both taking the heater outside and for in-house use.

Glass adapter designed for DynaVap vaporizers

An additional glass adapter insert provides even easier use. With the adapter, the heater can be used in a hands-free way. All you need to do is place the vaporizer inside and wait a couple seconds for the characteristic “click” noise.



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