Medical marijuana in Poland

Medical marijuana in Poland – the legislation

Since when is medical marijuana available in Poland? Patients have the availability to purchase medical marijuana from pharmacies since January 2019. It’s listed as a drug from a 1-N group, classifying it as an intoxicant. Because of this, the law states that cannabis can be sold only after acquiring a specially marked prescription. The RpW prescription (prescription for narcotic drugs) can be given out by any practicing doctor.

Currently, there are three strains of medical marijuana available in Poland. They are –  Red nr. 2 19/1 (Spectrum Cannabis), Aurora Pedanios 22:1 (Aurora), and Aurora Pedanios 20/1  (Aurora). There are also three more strains with a higher CBD cleared for sale, but in reality, these three listed above are mostly available.

In Poland, similar to the European Union and other parts of the world, we can observe shifts in the perception of marijuana. The social stigma, as well as the laws themselves, are changing rapidly. Although there are many aspects in which the polish legislation could be changed or modified to be more friendly for patients and regular consumers of cannabis. There are many organizations and associations proposing changes to the current legislation.  There is also a parliamentary committee dedicated to marijuana legalization. The committee also proposes regular changes to the current law, in order to better the life of patients and the whole cannabis industry.

Strains of medical marijuana

There are three main strains of medical marijuana on the market at the moment. They are coming from two different producers. One of them is a Canadian company Aurora. The other one is a multinational company called Spectrum Therapeutics. Two of the strains are hybrids with the domination of sativa, while the third one is practically a pure indica. Compared to many countries in the European Union, Poland has a very poor range of cannabis strains available on the market. This causes frequent shortages of supply and also drives the prices unnecessarily high. 

Red nr. 2 – Spectrum Cannabis

Red nr. 2 is a strain more widely known under the name Lemon Skunk. It circles around 19% THC and 1% CBD. It’s a well-known and appreciated hybrid with the domination of sativa. Lemon Skunk gained notoriety in the past by winning many different awards. In 2008, the strain won first place in the prestigious Spanish indoor growing contest called Spannabis. In 2009, it was listed on “top 10 strains in the world” by High Times. The producer is a multinational company Spectrum Therapeutics, releasing this particular product under the brand called Spectrum Cannabis.

The strain has a characteristic citrus, fruity and fresh profile. It is a hybrid with the domination of sativa. This means, that most of the genetic material was dominated by plants from the sativa family. Strains with the domination of sativa are known for euphoric, energetic effects. They work perfectly for consuming during the day by not lowering the motivation. They can boost the consumer with energy and affect their creativity and focus.

Aurora Pedanios 20:1 – Aurora

Aurora Pedanios 22:1 is better known under the name L.A Confidential. It has around 20% THC and 1% CBD. It’s practically a pure indica, originating from the city of Los Angeles. It is a known and liked strain around the whole world. It won first place at the High Times Cannabis Cup and the title of “best indica” in 2006.

The strain has a characteristic earthy-plant profile. The domination of indica in this strain means, that it works perfectly for use in the evening and before sleep. It has a strong relaxing and pain-relieving effect. Thanks to that, it works perfectly to combat chronic pains. L.A Confidential calms the consumer, relaxing the muscles and relieving tension. It also works great for sleep problems.

Aurora Pedanios 22:1 – Aurora

Aurora Pedanios 22:1 is the third and last strain currently availably in the polish pharmacies. This strain has around 22% THC and 1% CBD. It’s a sativa leaning hybrid, more widely known under the name Ghost Train Haze. This product has the highest concentration of THC out of all the strains available on the polish medical marijuana market. It also won many awards around the world, one of them being the title of “worlds best medical marijuana strain” given by High Times.

Because of the high THC count, this strain works great for pain relief. Higher appetite or the feeling of dryness in the mouth is also common. It’s quite a “strong” strain. In higher doses, it can relax the consumer, slow him down or even make him a “couch potato”. These effects are more typical of indica strains. Because of the higher THC count, it can also be witnessed with this particular flower strain.

Choosing the right strain

Different strains have widely varying profiles o terpenes, cannabinoids, or even THC concentration. Thanks to this, they can have different effects and can work better for different ailments and conditions. They should also be used at the proper time of day, and in the correct dosage.

Sativa dominant strains, usually have creative stimulating, energizing effects. Because of this, they are usually consumed during the day. They also favor social interaction and gathering.

Indica dominant strains, usually have a calming, pain-relieving, relaxing effect that stimulates sleep. It’s also common to highen the appetite. Taking all this into consideration, these strains are usually consumed during the evening or before going to sleep.

The dosage and strain should always be discussed with your doctor. It’s important to remember, that the effect that marijuana has on an individual is highly personal and can vary dramatically. Because of this, experimentation, in order to discover a strain suitable for the current needs of the patient, is required. Because different strains have different applications, doctors often prescribe multiple kinds of cannabis flowers. Thanks to this, the patient can carefully select the strain, suitable for the current time of day or desired effects.

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