Water filtration

Water filtration – introduction

With the increasing popularity of CBD products and medical marijuana, there are more accessories and gadgets popping up every day.  There is a whole range of useful products, being able to positively impact your consumption of cannabis flowers. Water filtration is one of the most suggested elements – transforming your inhalation into a totally different experience. There are many different models of filtration available on the market. They can differ in size, functionality, or even materials that they are made out of.

It’s important to add that water filtration can be used both while smoking or vaping your cannabis. It will positively impact your traditional smoking experience, as well as the experience of using a vaporizer.

Different kinds of water filtration

The popularity of water filtration results in many kinds of different filtration that the consumer can choose from. They can be made out of different materials (glass, silicone, or acrylic), have different methods and systems of filtrating, or even differ in size. Out of the most popular kinds, there are two main categories worth mentioning – bongs and bubblers. 


The most popular and traditional method of water filtration is called a bong. It’s a glass, silicone, or acrylic accessory designed for smoking. The water is poured inside, and the ground-up cannabis is placed in a special bowl on the side. After lighting, you place your mouth on the top of the bong and start slowly inhaling. The draw of air will make the smoke travel through the water in order to get to the mouth.

There is a huge variety of bongs. Many of them have a couple of “levels” or types of filtration. Thanks to this, the smoke usually travels through multiple layers of water – each of them lowering its temperature and acting as another filtration method. A frequent addition is also a specially designed narrowing in the bong chamber. Thanks to this, the user can put ice cubes inside – without them falling in the water. This will lower the temperature of the smoke even further – making it more pleasant and less irritating to the throat

Its also important to remember, that with a simple adapter, it is possible to connect a bong to a vaporizer. The market also has a huge range of vaporizers specially designed for filtration. This allows them to be used with water filtration without the need for any additional adapters.


A bubbler is a small and handy accessory designed specially to be used with a vaporizer. Usually, it replaces the mouthpiece and is placed directly on top of the heating chamber. It resembles a small bong attached directly to the device. It operates very similarly to a traditional bong but is much smaller and easier to use than attaching your device to a water filtration via an adapter. Thanks to this, a bubbler works perfectly as an accessory that you can take out of your house. It provides another level of filtration and lowers the temperature of the vapor – without making your device much bigger and bulkier.


Water filtration is simply the process of filtering smoke or vapor through the water. This seemingly easy thing can have stunning results – positively affecting the whole experience. Water filtration can lower the temperature of the smoke, moisturize it and clear it from more impurities and plant leftovers.

Lowering the temperature

The frequent problem while consuming cannabis is the temperature of the smoke. When it’s too hot, it irritates the throat and mouth, making the whole experience less pleasurable. It can also induce excessive coughing. Filtering the smoke or vapor through water significantly lowers its temperature – making it more optimal. Thanks to this, the inhaled smoke is more pleasant and doesn’t irritate the throat of the consumer.

Additional moisturizing

A frequent side effect of consuming cannabis flowers is the feeling of a cotton mouth. The main reason for your mouth feeling dry is the smoke/vapor being too harsh and hot. Using water filtration not only lowers the temperature of smoke –  it also moisturizes it. Thanks to this, aside from less irritation, it also decreases the effect of the mouth feeling too dry after inhalation.

Getting rid of leftover plant material

Filtering your smoke through another level of filtration also gets rid of leftover plant matter. During cannabis combustion, there are many impurities and tar being inhaled. The level of water allows for better filtering of any leftover impurities. Thanks to this, the inhaled smoke/vapor is purer and less damaging to our health.

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