Cannadent Regenerative serum for thrush and herpes 5 ml

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Serum designed for the care of lips and oral mucosa. Perfect for fighting thrush, herpes, periodontitis and denture injuries. It soothes quickly and effectively and significantly accelerates the regeneration of damaged mucosa. Recommended after a visit to the dentist, in the case of problems with gingivitis, as well as for the treatment of changes after insect bites, disinfection of small wounds and acne lesions. For external and internal use.

Storage: preferably at a temperature of +10 to + 25 ° C

• hemp oil – has anti-inflammatory, nourishing and regenerating properties for the skin
• tea tree – has a disinfecting, anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effect on anaerobic bacteria, prevents infections, accelerates the regeneration process
• arnica – bacteriostatic and anti-inflammatory
• Siberian fir – bactericidal and healing
• clove – has antibacterial, analgesic and stimulating properties. Strong antioxidant
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