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CFX is the first vaporizer from the Canadian company Boundless Vapes to be received with great interest in vaporization enthusiasts. Considering that it is a mid-range product, the list of its advantages is really impressive: high quality steam, precise temperature control, extremely durable battery, efficiency, convection-conduction heating system, simplicity of use and affordability make for an excellent portable vaporizer! Although it is a mid-price device, CFX is a robust and durable device with high quality, modern design and ergonomic shape.

Thanks to its soft rubber cover, it fits securely in your hand and is pleasant to the touch. The silicone coating also protects against the heat generated by the vaporizer – even if you use it intensively for a long time, the temperature of the body is never uncomfortable for your hand. The mouthpiece is made of medical plastic, which also provides resistance to high temperatures. It also has a special steam cooling system, which makes it smooth and gentle even at the highest temperature settings. A very capacious CFX heating chamber can hold up to 0.5g of dry matter, however, unlike most vaporizers with capacious chambers, you don’t need to fill it to the full for the inhalation to give good results.

Regardless of how full the chamber is, we always get a very high quality steam – tasty and delicate, but at the same time expressive, which is due to the effective extraction of active substances from the vaporized herbs. CFX does not require grinding the dry matter into a very fine consistency and is adapted to use concentrates that can be placed in the chamber in a special container. However, it is not suitable for vaporizing tobacco and tobacco products. A very impressive feature of CFX is the remarkable warm-up time, which sets it apart from other vaporizers. With a power of 80 W, it reaches its maximum temperature in just 20 seconds and lower in even 10 seconds. Thanks to this dizzying pace, you can easily hold fast and discreet inhalation sessions. CFX has a very wide range of temperature control – every one degree in the range from 38 to 221 degrees Celsius. Such precise regulation provides full control over the vaporization and allows you to enjoy the purest possible taste at low temperatures and huge clouds of steam at higher temperatures. When the device reaches the set temperature, a vibration alarm alerts us so there is no need to look at it. CFX is ahead of other vaporizers in this category, including its younger brother CF, also in terms of power. Its 2500 mAH battery allows it to be used for about 60 minutes. It takes 3 hours to fully charge it with a USB cable and half an hour with the charger connected to an electrical outlet, which is a really great result. The device is equipped with a 1.77 inch OLED display with full HD resolution. Although it makes CFX lose its discreetness in some situations, it is generally very practical and useful. It displays the current and set temperature, remaining battery power and remaining session time (the vaporizer automatically switches off after 5 minutes to save the battery). The device is controlled by means of three buttons: Power and Up and Down.


  • CFX Boundless vaporizer
  • USB cable
  • Charger
  • Additional chamber for concentrates
  • Cleaning brush
  • Tool for dry ramming
  • Operating instructions

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