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The Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer stationary model by cult manufacturer Storz & Bickel is an excellent steam quality with maximum concentration of active substances. The device in the set with Easy Valve balloons combines the performance of a stationary vaporizer with the freedom of mobile devices. The Volcano convectional vaporizer is a new, greatly improved version of the world-renowned Volcano Classic. A new quality of use What has not changed is definitely the quality of the produced vapor. The device emits large amounts of steam with a silky consistency and rich taste. However, its functionality has been extended and the device has been even more adapted to the varied needs of herbal inhalation lovers. In addition to the familiar Easy Valve balloon inhalation method, Volcano Hybrid now also offers direct inhalation directly from the device. The rotating valve and the hose when connected to the vaporizer allow you to draw steam directly from the device. This allows you to vaporize without having to install a balloon. Easy Valve therefore only serves when you want to take the inhalation with you. The high quality of the balloons allows you to store the steam inside for several hours, so you can use them as and where you want. The Volcano Hybrid comes with a set of 3 valves with Easy Valve mouthpiece and one with adapter. Improved technology Volcano Hybrid has received a new filling chamber, which is different from Easy Valve. This was required by the new, better heating system, which significantly increases the comfort of using the vaporizer. An important piece of information is the fact that users of the previous version will be able to use the old balloons for inhalation without any obstacles. This is not the case with Volcano dosing capsules – in this case a new filling chamber reducer must be purchased. Thanks to the application of new solutions, the Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer heats up just 1-2 minutes and this is a significant change in comparison with the previous version, which has a heating time of about 3-5 minutes. Control from a smartphone Dedicated app for Android and IOS allows you to control the Volcano Hybrid vaporizer with your smartphone. This is made possible by a built-in Bluetooth communication module. The app gives you precise control over the heating temperature, which allows you to perfectly adjust it to your needs. Refreshing design The Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer distinguishes itself from stationary devices with this type of finish. Both the convection mechanism, electronic components and the casing are designed and manufactured with great attention to detail. The manufacturer used the highest quality materials to create a safe and aesthetic device. The base on anti-slip feet made of strong plastic has been covered with a steel casing in the upper part. At the front there is a touch control panel, on which the temperature of the dried product heating is digitally displayed. The whole is heat-resistant and very durable. It is impossible not to notice that the aesthetics has also improved significantly compared to the previous version. Volcano Hybrid vaporizer is designed for lovers of relaxing herbal inhalations, which significantly does not affect our health so destructively inhaling smoke. Friendly and easy operation, the possibility to control it with a smartphone and increasing the quality proven over the years make Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer the future of modern extraction of active substances from herbs.

Volcano Hybrid, Volcano Hybrid Medic

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