Crafty+ + 15g dried hemp + grinder

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When a company with the greatest experience in the vaporizer market designs a mobile device, we can be sure that it will be a small work of art. Vaporizer Crafty from Storz&Bickel is a relaxing inhalation wherever you want. You can always have it with you and in any situation use the active substances contained in your favourite herbs. High power in an inconspicuous body A very small, fully convectional vaporizer is designed in such a way that the dried material loaded into the chamber does not come into contact with the heating elements. This solution not only extends the life of the heater, but also guarantees the unchanged taste of each portion of the inhaled steam. During the vaporization process, the air heated to the right temperature flows through the dried matter and the walls of the chamber. As a result of this process, silky, large clouds of pure steam are created, the taste of which will satisfy the greatest connoisseurs. We use only one button to control the vaporization process. The device heats up to 180 degrees Celsius in basic mode. The second mode of operation is Boost, i.e. quick heating up to 195 degrees Celsius. If you want to set the temperature more precisely and control all Crafty functions, install a dedicated Remote Control application on your smartphone. It is free and very pleasant to use. It allows you to change the temperature of the dryer’s heating and check the battery charge. Key features of Crafty The Crafty is powered by a high-performance, dual lithium-ion battery. One full charge takes four hours. A fully charged battery provides two hours of continuous operation. The heating process of the Crafty takes only 1.5 minutes, after that time you can start an inhalation session with the cartridge of your choice. A discreet vibrating alarm indicates when the unit is ready. The manufacturer has provided for the possibility of using other forms of cartridges and added the Liquid Pad to the set. Also noteworthy is the very careful construction of the Crafty Vaporizer. Made in Germany, the vaporizer is a guarantee of attention to detail and exceptional durability. The modern form of the body with horizontal grooves lies perfectly in your hand and looks very aesthetic. Black colour and orange additives are characteristic for Storz&Bickel. It looks very modern and discreet and will certainly appeal to both ladies and gentlemen. Positive effect on health Replacing traditional smoking with a Crafty vaporizer will positively affect your health and well-being. The process of inhaling with a delicate and tasty steam is a luxurious, clean and very discreet solution. No more coughing, irritating smoke and disgusting smell – vaporization is the future of efficient delivery of active substances from herbs and concentrates to your body. With Crafty you will feel the strong effects of herbs without the risk of losing your health by inhaling toxic smoke. Undoubtedly, a strong advantage of this device is a set composed of all necessary spare parts, adapters and clever accessories for cleaning the vaporizer, and a high quality Storz&Bickel grinder. Crafty vaporizer is a huge work efficiency closed in a very compact body. Take maximum pleasure from the inhalation to protect your health from harmful smoke with this safe and durable vaporizer.

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