Plenty is a vaporizer from the cult producer, German company Storz & Bickel. The experience of the designers allowed to build a device that will meet the expectations of the most demanding lovers of vaporization. It is a direct vaporizer, you can comfortably use it at home and beyond. The high power at its disposal requires appropriate protection – Plenty is TÜV certified, which means that it meets safety and reliability standards.

Efficiency you will love

Plenty produces huge clouds of steam, which has optimal temperature and excellent properties. This is because the heavily heated cartridge is additionally cooled before application, so that its quality and pleasure of inhalation are unbeatable. How does it work? Steam is delivered through a stainless steel coil that cools the vapor. This process maximizes the content of active substances in the inhaled vapor. An efficient and safe heat exchanger and thermostat with which you can precisely control the temperature. The range you operate is 130 °C to 202 °C, sufficient to obtain top quality products for heating dried plants. The temperature is controlled by a retro-style mechanical thermometer. A very important feature of Volcano Plenty is the fact that it is made from the highest quality medical components, which significantly affects the safety and durability of the vaporizer.

Relaxation at your hand

Volcano Plenty is a solidly constructed and richly equipped device. Power supply is provided by an electric cable with an EU plug. The vaporizer heats up in about 3 minutes and then heats the entire cartridge evenly, giving you an unchanged taste during the entire vaporization process. Direct inhalation from the cooling coil allows the supply of silky clouds of tasty steam, which contains the maximum concentration of the active substance. When the vaporizer is not used for some time, it switches itself off.

The Volcano Plenty is not big, the comfortable handle in the body makes it much easier to handle and makes it even more comfortable. The shape of the triangle not only allows for stable positioning of the device on the tabletop, but also allows for pleasant inhalation in a comfortable sitting position. The casing made of strong plastic is very aesthetic, easy to keep clean and durable.

Why is it worth to vaporize with Volcano Plenty

The vaporization process is free of harmful smoking products. Using Plenty you deliver steam to your body, not smoke. Its temperature is optimally adjusted so that nothing irritates your respiratory system. Large and substantial portions of steam do not force unnaturally strong breathing in – you can breathe in steam at your own pace and the same way throughout the inhalation.

Together with the Volcano Plenty vaporizer you will also get: a Storz&Bickel branded grinder, a drying chamber, a cooling coil, two pipe sections of different lengths, a mouthpiece, spare strainers and a convenient brush to clean the mechanism and a power cable. As you can see, Volcano Plenty offers you everything you may need for relaxing inhalations. Turn your bubble into a vaporizer and after just a month you will feel as if you don’t smoke at all. The Volcano Plenty is a quality product with a three-year manufacturer’s warranty.


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