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OmniVonG Hydra XL Vaporizer is an improved and larger version of the premium OmniVonG vaporizer. The new model has the same flow control as its older counterpart and is based on exactly the same formula, but the model has a beautiful, hand-made wooden body with irregular grooves for more comfortable use. Like its predecessor, it is designed to connect directly to the water filter, without the use of adapters, you only need to remove the mouthpiece. The XL version provides even better steam cooling and allows you to load more dried hemp at once.

Reliable and extremely durable

The OmniVong Hydra XL, like all DynaCap vaporizers, is a manual (butane) vaporizer. An external heat source, usually a glow lighter, is used to heat up the product, although any other heat source, such as an ordinary lighter, candle or even a match, can be used. The OmniVong Hydra XL does not have any electronic components, making it failure-free, extremely durable and ready to use at any time.

Advanced airflow control

Thanks to its intelligent design and incredible quality, this device is able to produce one of the cleanest and tastiest steam on the market, and thanks to the use of a moving capacitor, it is possible to adjust its density to individual user preferences. Just turn the mouthpiece – we can do it once and not change this setting or in a very convenient way smoothly change the steam parameters during inhalation. The OmniVong Hydra XL is also equipped with the traditional DynaVap equipment – a clutch with which we can additionally control the air flow through the condenser, partially covering it during vaporization. So we have two possibilities to control the steam parameters.

Simple temperature control system

OmniVong Hydra XL is extremely easy to use. The fine or coarse-grained dryer, concentrate or resin is placed in a chamber, on which a steel cap is put, which is then heated by the burner while turning the vaporizer. When the temperature of the vaporization is reached, the cap gives a characteristic click. This means that you can start inhaling. The cap clicks again when the temperature falls below the optimal level. To continue with the vaporization, it must be reheated. This simple temperature control system is extremely easy to use, effective and almost failure-free.

For use with a water filter

It is worth remembering that OmniVonG’s Hydra XL can be connected directly to a water filter with a 14.5 mm connector. Simply remove the mouthpiece. Are you a fan of filters with an 18.8 mm connector? Don’t worry about it! Just buy a glass adapter! Of course you can also use your OmniVong Hydra XL without water filter. Then put on the mouthpiece and breathe in steam directly from it. But if you’re a fan of simultaneous vaporization and water filtration – you’ve just found the perfect solution for you. Or maybe you don’t know yet what are the advantages of vaporization with a water filter? We are in a hurry to explain! This combination allows you to breathe in much larger amounts of steam, compared to standard vaporization, but it also provides steam cooling and hydration. These inhalations provide a completely new experience.

On-demand vaporization

OmniVong Hydra XL is equipped with a small heating chamber. It can hold approx. 0.1 g of dry matter. However, OmniVong Hydra XL provides sufficient performance to enjoy exceptional, dense and aromatic steam. You don’t have to fill the entire chamber with dry matter to enjoy high quality vaporization. This device is also ideal for microdosing fans. This is possible thanks to the ability of all DynaVaps to fully extract the dry, i.e. extract everything the vaporizer is able to extract from the herbs. It is worth adding that DynaVap vaporizers, including OmniVong Hydra XL are on-demand vaporizers. This means that you can stop the inhalation whenever you want and resume it at any time without wasting material. Moreover, the titanium tip that HydraVong is equipped with heats up and cools down much faster, which also has a positive effect on the inhalation performance.


Let’s sum up! What is new about OmniVong Hydra XL?

A noticeable change in OmniVong Hydra XL compared to the older model is the new grooves in the upper part of the body. These make it easier to turn the unit during heating, providing a better grip. The grooves also give a new design.

The shape of the so-called air-port is also completely new. The OmniVonG Hydra XL is narrow and long, which makes it easy to cover it only partially. We have more control over the density of the steam produced. Every user can adjust it to his or her wishes. It is worth remembering that clutches should not get clogged when they are pulled. The steam could then be too warm. A much better solution is to cover the hole only slightly, i.e. to partially limit the additional air supply – then the steam will be dense anyway, but its temperature will be more comfortable.

The movable capacitor also allows even more precise control of the air flow and even more precise control of steam parameters.

Amazing quality and ease of use

Thanks to the innovations introduced to OmniVonG Hydra XL, DynaCap has minimized the difficulty for new users to use these manual vaporizers. This makes this product a great choice for experienced users who appreciate the comfort of use and quality of inhalation, as well as for newcomers who are just learning the technique of manual dry heating, but want to have the air flow and parameters of the produced steam under control. The combination of a wooden body, titanium tip and compatibility with a water pipe is undoubtedly a remarkable combination.


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