Vong Titanium 2022 DynaVap

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Vong (I) Titanium is the next edition of a legendary butane vaporizer from Dynavap. Dynavap is an American company, and a global leader in the production of electricity-free vaporization devices. The device is a new and improved edition of a well known vaporizer Vong 2021 – a vaporizer designed to work perfectly with water filtration.

Thanks to a specially designed mouthpiece, the vaporizer is compatible with every water filtration with a 14mm or 10mm female joint. This allows you to consume perfectly cooled vapor without the need of any additional adapters or other elements.

All the elements have been constructed out of titanium. Thanks to that, the device is very light and resistant to scratches or physical damage. The main section of the body is also replaceable. Dynavap plans to release many additional body sections from different materials or different colors. Thanks to this, you will be able to customise your device in order to choose a color or the material that best suits you and your individual needs.

New Cap and heating chamber features

The device is also equipped with a new cap for the heating chamber called the “Captive Cap“. It features two indentions that help to keep the cap in place. With the indentions, the user doesn’t have to worry about the cap falling off the device while its being used. The improved geometry of the cap also helps with spreading the heat evenly throughout the whole heating chamber.

The heating chamber also got some useful technological improvements. It features a function called “Adjust-a-Bowl“. This function allows you to move the metal screen in the chamber and lock it in three different positions. This way, the user has the ability to adjust the capacity of the heating chamber. This function works perfectly for people looking to micro-dose cannabis – all you need to do is take the screen out and lock it in the position that makes the chamber smaller.


– Titanium body that provides lightness and durability
– Profiled mouthpiece – the ability to connect to any water filtration with a 10mm or 14mm joint
– Removable and interchangeable mid section of the body
– The feature allowing the user to adjust the capacity of the heating chamber
– Improved Captive Cap that provides better distribution of heat and a keeps the cap in place

Kit contents:

– The Captive Cap
– The heating chamber with the Adjust-a-Bowl feature
– The main body with the midsection that allows further customisation
– The condenser and the necessary O-rings

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